im in a relationship and my girlfriend and i both want to swing, but we dont know where to go, who to ask, or how to ask?? any tips??

Second, there are some websites you can cruise around and find like minded folks who you have compatible desires with. Investigate together, it will be a huge turn on itself! There are a lot of fakes out there too so be careful. I would honestly reccomend searching for swing clubs in your state or a neighboring state. Check out their calendar, find a party you are interested in and GO! A swing club is probably the best for low pressure, no expectations fun. Once people know you are newbies they will fall over themselves to make you comfortable. You can just go, check out the scene, do nothing with other folks or go completely nuts.

Be prepared to deal with jealousy on some level and be willing to admit and talk about it. If you do not communicate well now, and can not talk open and honestly about what you both want out of the deal there will be trouble later.

Be safe, be honest, have fun! I am starting this process all over again myself after years out of the lifestyle and I can tell you half the fun is the build up. Enjoy it!

I have plenty of advice. The first is, do not rush into anything. Play with the idea, talk about it, fantasize about it, share your detailed thoughts about it.

Most of all, don’t pressure her. Let her lead the way because if she doesn’t have fun your first time will be your last time.


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