mybetterworld: It took a lot of work to find someone willing to…

It took a lot of work to find someone willing to do implants for my daughter. It’s not like she was *technically* old enough to get them after all! Fortunately I found a like-minded soul who enjoyed her mouth almost as much as I did and he grudgingly agreed to fix her up like the little bimbo-whore I wanted – but only as he fired another load of cum down her eager throat. She was such a good little fuck-slut and I knew she wanted those nice, fat, bimbo tits just as much as I did – it would mean plenty more cock and cum for her after all, and that’s all my little baby-doll cares about now that Daddy’s got her properly trained.


Afterwards *everyone* was happy – My little baby-whore looks like even more of a dripping fuck-doll now, she’s ecstatic that even more boys at school, men on the street, or friends of Daddy want to fuck all her little holes, and the doctor even got a free night with the nasty bitch as a thank-you. 

I just wish she’d put her shirt on sometimes? I mean – I’ve lost count of how many times she’s sucked the cops off because she just pulled out those fake, plastic tits at the mall… Or maybe she just likes men in uniform too?


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