Sheila, a charming, voluptuous woman of forty-one, usually keeps her long light brown hair tied back to prevent it from falling in front of her dark eyes as she works in her specially outfitted kitchen. She operates a successful business at home, baking pies for many local restaurants. When her husband, Dave, is not delivering the pies, he a5sists her in the kitchen. At a height of five foot-four, Sheila is about twenty-five pounds overweight, hiding the excess flesh under a loose-fitting dress. There is a chuckle in her voice when she exclaims, “Never trust a skinny baker!” Sheila says that the best sex she and Dave ever had took place unexpectedly one Sunday afternoon.

I love working at home. It lets me spend lots of time with the kids. Dave and I have two teenagers. Millie’s fifteen, and Tess is twelve. We just love them to death, but sometimes kids can really get on your nerves. That’s what was happening that day. It was a Sunday, just a few months ago. We work hard all week, sometimes for ten or eleven hours a day. Sunday is our day off. Usually we just hang around the house watching TV and relaxing. But this particular Sunday didn’t feel like a day off at all.

For one thing, Millie had volunteered us to make cookies for a fundraiser at her high school, and we worked on them for most of the morning. Talk about a baker’s holiday. Then Tess was whining about something or other and driving me absolutely nuts. When the last batch of cookies came out of the oven, I took off my apron and tossed it to Millie. “All right,” I said. “It’s your project. You can clean up. Your daddy and I are going out for a while.” Dave just stared at me without saying a word and followed me out the front door.

As soon as we were outside, he said, ”Hey, babe, what was all that about? Where are we going?” “I don’t know,” I told him. “I just needed to get away.” I stood in the driveway for a moment, looking around. Then, because I couldn’t think of anything else to do, I said, “Let’s go to the supermarket. Not the one around the comer. Let’s go to that fancy one across town. I could use a nice long walk.” “Sure, babe,” Dave answered, falling into step beside me. “You’re stressed. I can see it. A good walk will do us both some good.”

We strode briskly for a few blocks, working off some of the steam that had been building. Then, feeling a bit more relaxed, I slowed our pace to a casual stroll. As we walked, I looked around at the neighborhood. We had reached a commercial district, and there were lots of interesting businesses lining the street.

I usually drive every place I go, concentrating on the road rather than the scenery. This was fun, especially since we hadn’t planned it. “Look at all these stores,” I said to Dave. “I didn’t even know they were here.” We stopped for a moment to look into the window of an antiques shop, admiring the old clocks and knickknacks. The next place was a jewelry store, and ·I stood in front of it checking out the diamond rings. After a minute, Dave grabbed my arm and said, “Come on, let’s keep walking.”

“Relax,” I answered sharply. “It doesn’t cost anything to look. And anyway, it’s safe. The place is closed on Sunday.” I was just needling him. I wasn’t really all that interested.

We picked up speed as we started walking again, but suddenly Dave stopped to stare into a shop that sold sexy lingerie. I stood next to him, paying more attention to him than ·to the stuff in the window. I got a kick out of the expression on his face as he looked at the lacy wisps that passed for bras and the little nothings they called panties. “Like what you see?” I asked him. He grinned, embarrassed. “I was just picturing you in some of that stuff,” he said. I noticed that he was getting kind of stiff in the pants. I knew very well that my big butt would never fit into those teeny G-strings, but I sure was glad Dave didn’t see it that way. Looking at the sexy undergarments in the window, I caught my reflection in the glass. I was wearing a shapeless flowered dress that hung on me like a sack. I was a sight. I had walked out of the house without a bra. In fact, I didn’t even have any underpants on.

Dave was so busy studying the display of what they call “intimate apparel” that I doubt if he even noticed. I never knew him to be interested in window .. shopping before. I practically had to drag him away from there. I could see a movie theater in the middle of the next block. I didn’t have any intention of going inside, but I always liked looking at the movie scenes in the still pictures they put up in front of a theater. I quickened my step, curious to see what was playing. When we got there, I was a little startled.

The theater certainly belonged on the same street as the lingerie shop. The marquee had four huge X’s on it. The titles of the films they were showing were something like Horny Sex Kittens and Lustful Appetites. It was a porno theater. I moved into the area next to the ticket booth to study the photos on display. In one of them, a woman with huge boobs was tied down spread-eagled on a bed. She was naked, but a little black rectangle had been colored in over her genitals. There were four naked men standing around the bed, also covered by black rectangles. One of them had a rectangle that reached almost to his knee. I studied the picture, wondering if his thing could really be that big. Right alongside that one, another picture showed a woman sandwiched in between two men. One of the men had his back to the camera. No one had bothered to put a rectangle over his ass. I looked at it for a minute, thinking about the woman in the picture.

I couldn’t exactly see what was happening, but I sure could imagine it. It looked like the men were filling both her openings at the same time. I found the thought deliciously exciting. I wondered whether the movie showed the scene in more explicit detail. Dave began tugging at my arm. He looked kind of nervous. “Come on, babe,” he said insistently. “I don’t think this is the kind of place you want to be standing in front of. Let’s get going.” The soles ·of my shoes slipped on the pavement as he tried yanking me away from there. Suddenly, I felt mischievous. “Wait a minute, Dave,” I said. “Why don’t you take me inside?” I was only kidding when I said it, but once the words were out, i realized that I did want to see what the movie was like.

“Are you nuts?” he asked, a look of disbelief on his face. “You can’t go into a place like that. There are all sorts of perverts in there.” · “So what?” I said. “I’ll have you to protect me. Come on. I’ve never seen a .porno movie. I’m dying to see what it’s all about.” . “Not now,” he said, still trying to talk me out of it. “The kids are home waiting for us.” “Let ’em wait,” I answered. “I’m not ready to go home yet. Come on, Dave. I dare you.”

“I think you’re serious,” he said, laughing. “You’re damn right, I’m serious,” I insisted. “I dare you, Dave. I dare you.” I watched Dave’s expression change. He never could turn down a dare. Without another word, he dug some money out of his pocket and stepped up to the ticket window. “Two, please,” he said. Waving the tickets in front of my face, he took my arm and led me inside.

When we walked in, there were images flickering across the screen, but the theater was so dark that I stumbled. “Here,” Dave whispered hoarsely. “Let’s just sit back here until our eyes get accustomed to the darkness.” I wanted to get closer to the screen, but Dave’s suggestion seemed like a good one. We picked our way over a few seats until we reached the center of the last row. Suddenly, I felt a little nervous. Anxiously, I glanced around, trying to see whether there were any perverts sitting near us. The place was practically empty. There were just a few people scattered here and there watching the screen. They were all men and they all looked pretty normal to me. Feeling a little more secure, I turned to look at the movie.

The timing was perfect. There on the screen was the sandwich scene from the picture outside. The woman was young-in her mid-twenties, I’d say. Somehow I had always figured that porno actress were tired old hags. I was kind of surprised at how good-looking this one was. The two men with her were helping her get undressed. She was already down to bra and panties. One of the men was standing behind her, unhooking her bra, while the other was tugging at the waistband of her panties. Her undergarment, Its were lacy and brief. They looked like they could have come straight from the window Dave had been staring into just down the street. I must say that the sight of the two men removing those last bits of clothing from her body excited me.

When she was all naked, the camera moved in for a closeup, focusing first on her big boobs with their erect pink nipples. Then it panned down lower. Although she was a platinum blonde, the hair of her muff was dark brown. I wondered how she felt standing bare-assed naked for all the world to see. The men were already undressed. The one who had been behind her had the biggest.dick I ever saw. He must have been the man in the picture outside with the huge black rectangle over him. The other guy was pretty ample too, but nothing like his pal. They were standing next to a bed. The one with the big dick lay down on his back on the bed. His hard-on stood straight up in the air like a flagpole. Without any ceremony, the girl got onto her knees, straddling him. The camera moved in for a close-up just in time to show him sliding slowly into her snatch. It seemed to go on forever. I just couldn’t imagine any woman taking so much meat.

The other guy stood by the bed watching and stroking himself until he was rock hard. Then, as the girl moved rhythmically up and down on big-dick’s rod, he got into position behind her. This time, the camera focused on her backside, filling the screen with the cheeks of her ass pumping away. Spreading her buttocks with one hand, he guided his organ toward her little brown hole. I felt myself getting wet between the legs as I looked at two men’s dicks at the same time. When the second one began penetrating her ass, I thought I would go up in smoke. I wondered what it felt like to be that woman. For a moment, I forgot where I was and who I was with, but the sound of Dave’s heavy breathing brought me back.

Tearing my eyes from the screen, I glanced at my husband. He appeared to be in a trance, his mouth slightly open, his eyes glazed. I looked at his crotch and saw that his pants were stretched tight over his straining erection. Almost involuntarily, I reached for it. When my fingers closed around the taut material, I heard him gasp. Without a second thought, I unzipped his fly. “Hey,” he exploded in a hoarse whisper. ”What the hell are you doing? Look where we are.”

By now I had his hard-on out and was stroking it with my hand. “Shut up and enjoy it,” I murmured, turning back to watch the movie. I had never done anything like this before and I was loving it. Dave stopped protesting, his excitement overpowering his paranoia. I just kept rubbing him up and down while I watched the screen breathlessly. The woman was groaning at the double penetration, and I could almost feel it happening to me. Suddenly, I did something I never thought I would do in a million years. Rising out of my seat, I sat on my husband’s lap with my back against his chest so that we were both facing the screen. I arranged the skirt of my dress so that it covered us both, -and I moved my hips, trying to impale myself on his swollen erection. 1·was so wet with excitement that it slid right in.

I felt Dave’s hands creeping into the armholes of my dress until he had both my breasts cupped in his palms. He twirled my hard nipples in his fingers and rocked his pelvis up against me to drive himself all the way in. I humped up and down on him, trying to match our movements to the threesome on the screen. I looked around the theater, unable to believe that I was actually doing a thing like this. I was so aroused that it gave me this weird courage. I didn’t even try to hold back my cries as . I felt an orgasm coming over me. It’s a good thing the three .. some in the movie were making enough noise to drown me out, because at that point I didn’t care who heard me.

A second after I started to come, I felt Dave throbbing inside me. I could tell by the way he was squeezing my tits that he was coming with me. A few moments later, I was back in my own seat, primly smoothing my skirt over my knees. Dave doesn’t usually come that fast, and I never do. Most of the time, it takes me forever to have an orgasm. But that afternoon in the movie theater I got off within seconds. I guess it was a combination of things: the strange surroundings, the people sitting just a few rows away, the sex scene going on· before my eyes. Most of all, though, I think it was the fact that we did it without planning to. It was something that just happened, something totally unexpected. We never experienced anything like that before. I hope we will again sometime. But for now, Dave and I agree it was the best sex we ever had.


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