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Thursday, January 10th, 2019

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someones wife suckingon  a strangers cock


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    Saturday, June 30th, 2018

    Donna is in her forties and does not attempt to hide it. She wears no makeup. Her hair is cut short and brushed back in a simple, natural style. Her flashing blue eyes and even white teeth give her a healthy appearance. She is about five foot-two and slight. Her skin is taut and smooth. She attributes her youthfulness to proper diet. Her husband, Hal, sixty-one, is a retired postal worker. Donna smiles as she remembers an afternoon about a year ago when she and Hal experienced their best sex.

    Everybody seems to be obsessed with physical fitness these days, but Hal and I have never really gotten in to it. The closest we come to being athletic is when we take our walks. When the weather is nice, we try to get out two or three times a week. Sometimes it takes quite some doing, because deep down we’re both terribly lazy. Usually, if we find a scenic place for a walk, we go back again. It’s kind of an incentive to get us up and off our asses. Once we discovered a beautiful trail up by the lake. From the parking lot, ·through the woods, to the edge of the lake and back came to about two miles. Just right for a couple of couch potatoes like us. The first time we went there, we were surprised that we had the whole place to ourselves. The walk took a little less than an hour, and we didn’t see another soul in all that time. That certainly appealed to us. It was so nice and peaceful. When we got back to the car, we decided that we’d walk there again the next day. That was a Saturday, and we did see a few people, but it was still pretty secluded.

    The third time we went there, it was a weekday and we were sure we’d be alone. The sun was hot, and after we had walked for ten minutes or so, Hal decided to take off his shirt and tie it around his waist. After that, he couldn’t seem to stop talking about how good the sun felt on ‘his bare skin. It was making me jealous. “That’s not fair,” I said. “If you get to go without a shirt, I should, too.” I don’t think I was really serious, but Hal jumped at the idea. “Go ahead,” he said. “Take it off. I’d like to be able to watch your boobs bounce. It would make the walk a lot more interesting.”

    M·aybe I thought he was kidding; I don’t know. I do know that as I started undoing the buttons of my shirt, I was expecting him to stop me. But he didn’t. I wondered what he would do if I took off my bra, too. It was the kind that hooks in the front. I began fumbling with the catch, deliberately stalling to see how Hal would react. To my surprise, he said, ”Here, let me help you with that,” and unsnapped it before I knew what was happening. . . It was the first time I was ever topless out of doors. It was an odd feeling. At first, gooseflesh formed on my breasts, not because I was cold, but just because I felt kind of nervous. Without realizing it, I folded my arms across my chest and looked around. “What if someone comes along?” I asked.

    “Not likely,” Hal responded. “It’s the middle of the week.

    All the honest people are working. Come on, we’ie here to walk. Let’s get going.” With that, he started up the trail again, and I stepped along beside him. After a few minutes, the nervousness left me, and I really began to enjoy the sunshine on my naked breasts. “I can understand why some people practice nudism,” I said to Hal. “This really feels good.” ”Yeah,” Hal answered, watching my boobs jiggle. ”And it’s great to be able to see you. Hey,” he added, “What would you think if I took off my walking shorts?” The idea seemed so naughty that I liked it at once. “It’s all right with me,” I answered. “But only if I can, too.” We giggled like a couple of teenagers, both of us excited about the idea of doing something so unconventional.

    “What the hell,” Hal said with a grin. ”Let’s both do it. What could be more natural?” As he spoke, he peeled off his shorts. His penis stirred a bit, becoming semi-erect. “You’re not fooling me for one minute,” I said, pretending to scold him. “Being natural has nothing to do with it. You’re just a dirty old man.” The truth was I was eager to be naked, too. With shaking fingers, I undid the buttons on my shorts and stepped out of them. For a moment I considered walking in my panties, but the expression of sexual hunger on Hal’s face encouraged me to go all the way. He was looking friskier than I’d seen him in quite· a few years, and I liked it.

    “Would you like me to carry your clothes for you?” Hal asked, devouring me with his eyes. “Let’s be real daring,” I suggested, my voice dropping almost to a whisper. ”Let’s leave our clothes here under a rock or something. We can pick them up on the way back~” My husband looked uncertain, but only for an instant. His eyes took on a gleam that would have done a teenager proud. “Right,” he said. His penis sprang to full erection.

    After stashing our clothes, we began walking arm in arm, but it was obvious we weren’t going to get very far. Hal’s stiff organ bounced up and down with every step, and my thighs were becoming moist. The breeze caressed my naked nipples until they pointed our way like beacons; Hal’s hand slipped from my waist to stroke playfully at my backside.

    “I like the feel of your ass muscles when you walk,” he murmured, slipping his fingertips between my buttocks to pet lightly at my sensitive tissues. Turning to him, I put my arms around his neck and pressed my breasts against his hairy chest. “Make love to me,” I demanded, getting right to the point. Taking me by the hand, Hal led me off the trail into a clump of trees. The foliage wouldn’t have been thick enough to give us any privacy if there had been anyone around, but somehow it felt a little safer than the trail. ·I don’t think either of us cared, anyway. We were as horny as a couple of youngsters ‘and couldn’t think of much besides our lust. I felt freer than I had ever felt before. And more aroused.

    Stopping by the stump of a tree that had been cut down ages ago, we embraced again. I put one foot on the tree stump and leaned slightly forward, inviting my husband to enter me from behind. I could feel the smooth skin of his organ grazing my inner thighs as he searched for my opening. Then he was in it. It was just the tip, nudging gently at my sex. Bending over a bit farther, I moved my legs to open myself for him. My excitement was wetting me, easing the friction of his penetration. T .!ntatively at first, and then surer of himself, he plunged forward, burying his length inside my vagina.

    I bucked back at him, swallowing him deep within me. I could feel the sun and air caressing me as he drove in and out. He placed one hand on my hip to guide me against his hard thrusts. His other hand explored my breasts, playing with their flesh and tweaking my nipples.

    We humped hard and fast, as we had in our younger days. Each time he rocked. forward, I threw myself back at him, feeling his swinging scrotum slap against the backs of my thighs. He was like an adolescent, filled with sexual energy, capable of going on forever, filling me with his strength until I was totally satisfied. I don’t know how long we kept at it, but I do know that neither of us felt any need to hurry. After every few strokes, one of us would change position slightly, just enough to bring different parts of our bodies into contact. He was probing me in places where I was sure he had never been before. When I felt my orgasm coming, it ~as with no sense of the frantic urgency that usually heralds a climax. I was comfortable and content.

    “Oh, Hal,” I sighed. “I’m going to come.” “Yes, Donna,” he answered. “I’ve been waiting for you.” I felt him thrash hard against me as we began the dizzy whirl through orgasm. The trees and sky and suri and air were all part of our erotic flight. The rocks and leaves seemed to be coming with us. It was glorious, one of the most glorious moments of my life. Afterward, we stood for a long time, hugging and kissing each other under a canopy of oak leaves. Then, slowly, casually, we strolled back to where we had left our clothes. The world was ours. We were its only inhabitants. There wasn’t another soul in the universe.

    We dressed leisurely, reluctant to separate our skin from the sun and air. I tucked my breasts into the cups of my bra and slipped lazily into my shirt. Just as I began closing the first button, we heard voices. I looked up to see four young hikers walking down the road from the direction of the parking lot. ”Good afternoon,” one of them called, as they went marching briskly by. ”Great day,” Hal answered, tossing a friendly wave. When they were out of sight, he looked at me and smiled. “We just made it,” I said. Together, we burst into breathless laughter. I don’t ever remember having so much fun. I know we never had more exciting sex. I hope we get to do something like that again sometime. We can’t plan it, though. It will have to be something that just happens.


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      Shaved wife looks a little bored with the whole affair

      Friday, October 6th, 2017

      Shaved wife looks a little bored with the whole affair


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