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i love her buttocks. and the old school tv set.

Tuesday, January 1st, 2019

i love her buttocks. and the old school tv set.


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    i love your buttocks, baby.

    Sunday, December 23rd, 2018

    i love your buttocks, baby.


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      andrea-xxx: Me i love your buttocks, andrea.

      Saturday, December 8th, 2018



      i love your buttocks, andrea.


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        insomniagrrl: eatpussylikearealman2: Unf, her ass together…

        Sunday, November 18th, 2018


        i love her buttocks.

        You all know my desire for love and water…

        Exceptional picture.


        Unf, her ass together with that bath makes this a place I wanna be.


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          i wanna shoot my hot load all over her buttocks.

          Saturday, November 17th, 2018

          i wanna shoot my hot load all over her buttocks.


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            bootygirl23: being brave and showing off my slutty ass and…

            Thursday, November 15th, 2018

            being brave and showing off my slutty ass and face!


            i love your buttocks, baby.

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              Treating her right.

              Saturday, November 3rd, 2018

              Sharon checked her watch, sighing tiredly as she
              realized that once again she had worked for more than
              twelve hours. That made the eighth straight day. She
              shoved back her long, thick brown hair and briefly lay
              her head back against the chair.

              She sighed and closed her eyes, wishing the McGinty
              proposal was done so she could get back to her more
              normal ten hour days. Life was hell for an associate
              who wanted to be a partner with the city’s biggest,
              richest law firm.


              You worked your ass off in school, pulling all nighters
              to get good marks, and then, after the briefest of
              celebrations you became a slave to some law firm. You
              worked your ass off again, brown nosing, doing favors,
              trying to outmaneuver the other associates.

              All for the gold ring.

              The average payout for a partner in this firm was a
              million bucks a year. That was worth working her ass off

              She stretched her arms high above her head, arching her
              back as she yawned deeply, then got up and padded across
              the carpet and out to the front where the coffee machine
              steamed nicely, the smell delicious.

              Her body ached from the constant typing at the machine
              and the constant flipping of pages as she checked over
              facts in her legal books. She rubbed her back, turning
              and stretching again.

              Speaking of working her ass off…

              She ran her hand down over her buttocks, giving a brief

              She hadn’t had time for her regular workouts lately.
              She’d always managed to make time for that while in
              college, no matter how busy she was. Still, her ass,
              though she hadn’t worked it off, didn’t seem to have
              expanded any from lack of attention.

              She was still slim and trim, perhaps too slim, for she’d
              missed more than a few meals as well as workouts. She
              poured herself a coffee and padded back into her office,
              her socks making no noise on the thick carpet.

              She put the mug down on her desk and ran a hand across
              her stomach. It was still firm and trim, though that
              wouldn’t last if she didn’t star her workouts again. She
              sat down, yawning and stretching again, arching her

              Her breasts pushed out hard against the fabric of her
              silk shirt. God, she felt tired. She got up and closed
              the office door, then sat down again, unbuttoning the
              first three buttons of her blouse.

              This was a conservative and sexist outfit, so it didn’t
              do well for a girl who wanted t make partner to
              emphasize her breasts, not unless she wanted to screw
              one of the partners. Sharon wore jackets almost all the
              time, and tighter than normal shirts to pull her breasts

              It wasn’t that she was huge, but her thirty 36Cs were
              more than ample for her slender frame, so she did her
              best to tone them down. Men didn’t take busty women
              seriously, not the men here at any rate.

              She felt much more comfortable with the shirt
              unbuttoned. She leaned forward and got back to work.

              Another hour passed and her eyes got too tired to focus.
              With just a little work left to do she decided to take a
              brief rest. She lay her head back against her executive
              chair again and closed her eyes.

              She woke with a start, blinking her eyes rapidly.
              Feeling a little dizzy she pulled her head forward and
              held it in her hands for a moment, then looked at her
              watch again. It was two in the morning.

              “Shit,” she said.

              She had a meeting at seven.

              She briefly considered sleeping here for a few hours,
              then rejected it. While her white pants and navy blue
              double breasted jacket made her look nice, wearing the
              same outfit two days running would give rise to rumors
              that she’d spent the night at somebody’s house.

              Cursing angrily she got to her feet, doing up her blouse
              as she slid her feet into her shoes. She pulled her suit
              jacket off the back of the chair and shrugged it on.

              She gathered up some papers she might have time to
              glance over at street lights or something, then hurried
              out the door.

              Right away she felt the stuffy atmosphere. The air-
              conditioning must have been turned off hours ago. The
              rest of the floor was empty, of course. The whole
              building was probably empty. She took the elevator down
              to the garage, yawning and shaking her head to keep

              The doors opened and she went out into the garage.
              Normally very brightly lit, there were only a few lights
              scattered around the empty, cavernous garage. Hers was
              not the only car there, though she was willing to bet
              the rest of them were parked for the night, their owners
              long gone.

              She strode quickly towards her waiting Mercedes, then
              bent and tried to fit the key into the lock. She cursed
              and set her briefcase down, then bent over and tried to
              focus her tired eyes on the keyhole.

              She heard a noise and started to straighten. Suddenly an
              arm slid around her throat and she was crushed back
              against another body. She tried to scream but her throat
              was crushed in the tight grip and no air would come out.

              She squirmed and thrashed desperately, trying to escape
              whoever had her. She kicked and tried to reach back to
              claw at them, but was flung hard into the side of her
              car. The body behind slammed into her, crushing her
              against the car as the arm tightened still further
              around her throat.

              She felt dizzy, her head faint. A sharp knife was
              suddenly pressed against her cheek under her eye. She
              froze in terror, not moving even when the arm loosened
              and she was able to breathe.

              “Don’t move, bitch,” the voice hissed, low and evil
              sounding. “You give me any trouble and I’ll carve up
              your face so bad you’ll only be able to work in the
              circus. You understand?”

              She swallowed, or tried to. Her mouth was desert dry.

              She felt her hair grabbed tightly and her head shaken
              like a rat.

              “Understand, whore?”

              “Y-yes!” she gasped.

              The hand stayed in her hair as the knife slid across her
              face, caressing her with it’s cold steel. Sharon didn’t
              dare move as it slid down along her throat, then down
              along her chest and finally went around behind her.

              She was pulled away from the door of her car, shuffling
              with difficulty as the man continued to keep her pulled
              tightly against his body. They moved down towards the
              trunk and then he shoved her forward hard.

              She flung her hands up just in time to prevent her face
              from smashing into the trunk as she was forced across
              the car, her knees hitting the side with a dull thump.

              “You move and I’ll cut you,” the voice warned again. “I
              don’t want you to move one fucking inch unless I tell
              you to. Understand?”

              The knife blade slid under her hair combing it back on
              the right.

              “Y-yes! I understand!” she moaned.

              Then she gasped as she felt a hand between her legs,
              squeezing her pussy, kneading the flesh through her thin
              white pants.

              “I want your money and valuables,” he hissed in a cold

              “In… in my jacket pocket,” she whispered, “Right

              The hand left her groin and slid into her pocket,
              emerging with her wallet. Her face was pressed against
              the trunk and she kept it there, afraid to move.

              The wallet was tossed onto the trunk beside her,
              bouncing off.

              “So, Sharon, honey, this all the money you got?”

              “It’s all I have on me,” she gasped.

              “Let me see your right hand.”

              She started to straighten and his hand shoved down hard
              on her back, slamming her back into the hood of the

              “I didn’t tell you to get up you dumb cunt!” he snarled.

              “I’m sorry! Sorry!”

              She put her right hand back and he unfastened her Rolex,
              taking it off.

              “Nice,” he said.

              Then his hand squeezed her crotch again. “This is nice

              he sneered.

              He bent over her. She could feel his breath on the back
              of her neck but was too frightened to turn around.

              “You know, they say that women sit on their most
              valuable asset,” he hissed in a hateful voice.

              She closed her eyes and shuddered, painfully aware of
              how exposed she was, bent over like this with her legs
              apart. His foot shoved them even further, and his hand
              rubbed at her crotch.

              Then she felt what could only be the knife blade sliding
              up and down the seam of her pants between her buttocks.
              With a deft movement, the man sliced through the seam
              and cut upwards several inches, not touching her body.

              Then his fingers gripped slid into the hole and ripped
              it wide open, exposing her panties.

              “Please,” she whimpered.

              “Shut up, whore,” he hissed.

              He gripped the crotch of her panties and then slid his
              finger under them, rubbing her pussy. She moaned weakly,
              stiff with fear. The knife slid in under the crotch.
              She felt the cold steel of it against her cunt. She
              thought he was going to cut her panties, but then the
              knife went away and he slid his fingers again. He
              gripped the crotch and yanked it back, ripping her
              underwear right off.

              He tore her pants further open, exposing her entire ass
              and the soft furry brown mound beneath it.

              “Now that’s worth a lot of money,” he sniggered, his
              hand rubbing at her cunt again. “I could get a fortune
              if I sold this.”

              She blushed furiously, mortified to have a strange man
              viewing her like this.

              The knife was back. It was gliding across her buttocks,
              the flat of knife cold on her warm skin. He slid it
              round and round her buttocks, then down between her
              legs, again rubbing the cold flat back and forth over
              her pussy lips.

              He took it away, and then it was next to her face. It
              wasn’t a normal knife she saw, for it was very long, and
              had the look of some sort of military weapon.

              “I wonder if your cunt can hold this? You think it can,
              baby? Think I can sheath this inside you?” He took it
              away and she felt the point edging into her cunt.

              She shivered and he snickered. “Better hold still,
              honey, or I’ll cut your cunt open so big an elephant
              could fuck you without touching the sides.”

              The cold steel dipped into her cunt again, sliding
              easily between her cunt lips. She fought to keep herself
              still as the cold made her lips tingle.

              “Don’t,” she gasped. “Don’t!”

              “No? … Maybe you’d like something else in there

              “Yes. Yes, fuck me!” she gasped. “Fuck me with your

              “Why you dirty little slut,” he sniffed, sounding

              “You want me to stick my nice clean cock up your dirty
              little pussy?”

              “Y-yes! Please put it in me!” Anything but the knife.

              “You want it, whore?!”

              “Yes PLEASE!” she gulped.

              “You want it up your dirty cunt-pipe?”

              “Yes! Please. Fuck my dirty cunt-pipe!” She bit her lip
              to hold back tears of nausea at having to degrade
              herself further, at having to say the filthy vile words,
              but she was too terrified to do anything else.

              “I don’t think so. I think your cunt is too dirty for my
              nice clean cock. Maybe you’d like it up the ass

              She closed her eyes in resignation and misery.

              “Is that it, whore? Would you like one up the asshole?”

              “Yes,” she gulped. “Whatever you want. Just don’t hurt

              “Hurt you? Why would I want to hurt a nice piece of ass
              like you?”

              She felt his fingers prying at her pussy and she gasped
              in pain as they thrust into her, wriggling and jerking
              from side to side like he was forcing them into a too
              tight glove. They pushed into her to the knuckles and
              wiggled around in her tight tube.

              “Nice and hot in there,” he sighed.

              She felt pressure against her anus then, hard pressure
              as another finger probed at the entrance, then thrust
              into her. She groaned in pain for it was very thick and
              she realized it must be his thumb. His other hand was
              resting on the back of her head as he shoved his thumb
              up her ass top the knuckle.

              He squeezed the fingers and thumb together, snickering
              in amusement as he used them to grip her tightly and
              pull her ass up and down, back and forth and from side
              to side.

              “Beg for it, baby,” he said, laughing at her.

              “Please fuck me,” she sobbed. “Fuck my ass! Fuck me in
              the cunt! I don’t care!”

              “Maybe I’ll do both.”

              Her chest was heaving, the adrenalin rushing through her
              overheated body. She was still in terror, her nerves on
              edge, waiting.

              His fingers moved her ass around, making it grind around
              in lewd, obscene movements as he stood there and
              snickered at her.

              They pulled out, and both his hands were on her thighs,
              pulling them wide, holding them tight. She felt
              something touching her pussy and realized it was his
              tongue. Her eyes opened wide in shock and then she
              groaned and let them close again.

              His tongue slid up and down her pussy mound, stroking
              back and forth along the slit. His fingers pried the
              soft elastic tissue aside to reveal her pink inner
              flesh, gleaming and warm. His tongue slid up and down
              it, pressing hard, dipping inside her.

              He pulled her pussy lips wide and his tongue fucked her
              pussy hold, dipping in and out, in and out, swirling
              around and twisting inside her cunt entrance. It slid
              down onto her clit and his lips closed around it as he
              began to suck.

              Sharon was astonished and then bewildered. How insane
              this was, she thought. It was impossible to believe that
              she was actually bent over her car in the garage with
              the seat of her pants torn open and a man eating her

              It’s a dream, she thought. it must be a dream. I’m still
              back in my office asleep at my desk. Soon I’ll wake up
              and realize that working out and food aren’t the only
              things I’ve been doing without. It’s been months since
              I’ve had a good fuck and my body is telling me to get
              with it.

              She dug her fingernails into her palm, hoping that would
              wake her up, but it didn’t. She was still here, and
              could feel her pussy lips being pulled open so the man’s
              tongue and lips could get at her better.

              Her cunt was dripping wet with saliva as his tongue
              slurped and sucked on her. He seemed to be in no hurry
              whatsoever, and minute after minute went by as he
              continued to gnaw and slurp and lick at her cunt. Sharon
              was astounded. Surely he was crazy, she thought.

              Yet still he knelt, the sounds of his wet slurping and
              licking loud in the empty garage.

              I don’t believe this, she groaned to herself. It has to
              be a dream, a dirty, erotic dream.


              This wasn’t erotic at all. This was horrifying.

              She thought about what her friends would say if she told
              them she’d been accosted in the garage, bent over her
              car and eaten out.

              “Send him to me next,” was probably what they’d say.

              Her fear began to subside as the minutes ticked away.
              She didn’t think she was in immediate danger of being
              killed by this crazy bastard. She wished she dared turn
              around but wasn’t willing to risk it. All she could do
              was feel what his tongue was doing.

              His technique was excellent, she admitted to herself.
              His tongue was long too, and the way his lips sucked on
              her clit was sending hot flashes through her loins even

              That realization made her eyes jerk open again. Surely
              she wasn’t enjoying this! She’d like to kill the rotten
              fucking bastard! She hated his miserable, stinking,
              filthy rotten guts and would gladly blow them out if she
              only had a gun!

              But it did… it did feel good, dammit!

              His nose was grinding over her clit as his tongue drove
              deep into her hole. His hands had moved upwards off her
              thighs and were stroking and squeezing her naked ass
              flesh, kneading it like soft dough.

              I must be insane, she thought. I’m being raped and I’m
              liking it!

              But it had been months since she’d had time for a good
              fucking, more than a week since she’d even found time to
              masturbate, and she was exhausted from too many long
              hard days and too little sleep. Her resistance was at a
              low point, and his tongue felt SO good.

              She felt her muscles slowly relaxing all over her body,
              felt the wire-taut tension in her muscles ease as a warm
              bubbling fire burned away at her pussy. She groaned as
              he thrust his fingers back inside her and pumped them
              slowly in and out, his tongue wriggling against her

              She realized suddenly that her ass was grinding around
              in circles again, only now it wasn’t him that was doing
              it, she was doing it on her own. She groaned aloud then
              and then gasped as he thrust a third finger inside her
              and drove them deep.

              “Want it baby?”

              “Ooohhhhhhhhh,” she moaned.

              “You want a fuck?”

              She didn’t answer, gasping and swallowing repeatedly.

              He thrust his fingers in hard and she grunted, her body
              jerking against the car. He pulled his fingers back half
              way out and continued to lick her clit.

              She shoved her ass back, impaling herself on his
              fingers, mortified at her behavior as she heard him
              chuckle in amusement.

              “Hot little lawyer slut needs some meat, does she? Beg
              for it and it’s yours, honey. Beg for it, Sharon.”

              “Fu…fu…fuck me,” she whispered.

              “I didn’t hear you, Sharon honey.”

              “F-fuck… fuck me,” she said, slightly louder.

              “Beg for it.”

              “Please fuck me,” she whimpered. “Fuck me! Fuck me!” Her
              voice rose and her body shuddered as she begged.

              “You got it, whore!”

              Her words seared her but she groaned in anxious
              anticipation as he stood up and took his fingers out of
              her slit. She heard his zipper, then felt his erection
              against her pussy. She spread her legs a little more as
              he rubbed it up and down on her slit.

              He sniggered again and once more she quivered in
              humiliation. Then his cock pushed against her hole. Her
              pussy was wet with more than saliva now and he thrust it
              in to the hilt with one stroke.

              Sharon cried out in ecstasy, her body shuddering as she
              came. The man pumped furiously, his hips slamming into
              her buttocks, knocking her into the side of the car. His
              cock pounded up and down her tight hole, skewering her
              with its savage violent strokes.

              “Fuck me!” she gasped. “Fuck me! Oh! Oh god! Oh god!”

              “Whore!” he snarled, driving his meat up into her belly.
              He gripped her hair, jerking her upper body off the
              trunk. His hands slid around in front of her and gripped
              her blouse, ripping it open with a loud tearing sound.
              He tore apart her bra, his hands like the claws of a
              lion as he dug into her flesh. She cried out again, her
              mind staggered by the violent sexual hurricane roaring
              through her body.

              Her hands pressed down on the trunk as she arched her
              back. She shoved her chest into his hands, grunting
              with delight as he mashed and squeezed them. His nails
              dug into her sensitive tits as he twisted them around in
              brutal lust.

              She humped back against his pistoning cock, heedless of
              the pain as his hard, knobby cockhead crushed up against
              her cervix repeatedly. Her head jerked up and down, up
              and down, like a spirited filly, and the man growled
              like a maddened beast as he rode her.

              She was nearly maniacal with sexual abandon, and then
              suddenly she stiffened, air gurgling out of her gaping
              mouth as she came with a cataclysmic release of high
              tension orgiastic pleasure. Her cunt flared like a
              rocket, clutching and spasming around his cock and he
              howled in glee as he stuffed it up her to the balls and
              his juice exploded out the tip.

              Sharon’s body arched back again and again, as she drove
              her cunt back onto his tool. Hot sperm gushed up into
              her belly, flooding her womb with its bubbling white

              She gave a mindless groan and fell forward onto the
              trunk, totally spent and nearly senseless from the force
              of her monumental orgasm. He paused, panting for breath,
              the last of his juice draining out into her guts, then
              he withdrew.

              When she finally had the strength she rose and looked
              around, but the garage was empty. She staggered back to
              the door of her car and after fumbling for an endless
              time got it open and all but fell into the driver’s

              Her bare ass felt cold against the leather and she felt
              his juices drooling out between her hot cunt lips.

              She sat there for a moment, then closed her jacket to
              cover her naked exposed breasts, closed the door of the
              car, started the engine, and drove home.

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                letshavesomefunyeah: As promised, I match today.  Also my bum….

                Saturday, October 13th, 2018

                Also my bum. I think more than you’ve seen before. 

                i love your buttocks, sweety.


                As promised, I match today. 

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                  lovealwayslolaxo: Happy Humpday Wednesday. Love always,…

                  Monday, October 8th, 2018

                  i love your buttocks, baby.


                  Happy Humpday Wednesday.

                  Love always, Lola.

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                    bootyoftheday: Tomato bottom i love her buttocks.

                    Sunday, September 2nd, 2018

                    i love her buttocks.

                    Tomato bottom


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