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Gabriella Medina –  @gabriellastrpd For the more eagle eyed…

Wednesday, January 30th, 2019

For the more eagle eyed viewer. There happens to be some bar type chairs in the background of the pic.

Gabriella Medina –  @gabriellastrpd


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    hope you like it

    Thursday, October 25th, 2012

    It was late at night, when I took my position in her
    van in the parking garage. I had been watching this one
    beautiful woman that worked in an office upstairs. She
    was a lawyer for a large firm, and always wore a no
    nonsense business suit. Her looks had turned me on the
    first time I had seen her. I had delivered a box to the
    office, and saw her as she was talking to some men. She
    started a fire in my balls, and I knew that I would
    possess her to the fullest.


    Today, while checking her out further, I overheard her
    say to someone, that she was going to be away at a
    cabin in the mountains for a week. A week of no phones,
    no neighbors, and no people. This sounded like a gift
    straight to me, so there I was waiting for her to

    It was after 9PM when the elevator doors opened and
    there she was. The garage was deserted as she walked
    towards her van. Not a standard van either! This was
    one of those large Vans that was all set up like a
    house on wheels! It had a table and some nice chairs
    bolted to the floor. But now, it was full of boxes of
    food, drinks, and all the stuff a woman has when she is
    going to be away for a week. I had no trouble hiding in
    the back. She got in and didn’t even look around. As we
    started off, I settled down for what might be a long

    And a long drive it was. Nearly 3 hours before the
    bumping around told me that we were getting close.
    Another 30 minutes, and the van stopped. It was full
    dark now, and I heard her get out. I peeked out the
    window and saw her walking towards the door of a large
    log cabin. The windows were all dark, but lights came
    on after she entered. I quickly got out of the van and
    hid in some bushes near the door. She returned and
    started to unload the van.

    I waited until she had everything inside, and then
    looked thru a window. She was there unpacking a few
    items. I watched her make a drink and then go to
    another room. At another window I saw that she was in a
    bedroom. She started to undress. First slipping out of
    her blouse. Her large breasts were still confined by
    her bra, but looked even bigger than when she was
    dressed. Next came her bra.

    As her breasts came free, I could see her nipples
    sticking out. They were enormous. She ran her hands
    around and over them, and my cock throbbed with desire.
    Then her pants, and finally her panties. As she stepped
    out of her panties, I saw her black thatch. It looked
    good enough to eat… and I would!

    She went into another room that I saw was the bathroom,
    and I heard water running. She was going to take a
    bath! Well, that would fit my plans just perfect. As
    she got into the tub, I left for the door. I tried the
    knob, and the stupid bitch hadn’t even locked it!
    Easing it open, I entered and tip toed to her bedroom.
    Since there was only one door, and the bed was near it,
    I waited while she went about her bath. Soon I heard
    her get out of the tub and a smile crossed my face as I
    knew that she was in for a shock.

    As she came into the bedroom, she had the towel over
    her face as she was drying her long hair. She was only
    about 4 feet from me, when she removed the towel and
    saw me sitting there.

    She jumped back like I was a coiled rattlesnake and a
    loud scream came from her. I just sat there watching
    her. She kept looking between me and the door, and I
    knew she was going to make a try for it. Sure enough,
    she bolted to the door. I grabbed her by the hair and
    jerked hard enough to snatch her back and onto the
    floor. She tried to cover up a bit, but she had too
    much to cover. She crawled to the wall, and I followed
    her. She whimpered a bit about not hurting her when I
    reached down and grabbed her wrist. I pulled her to her
    feet. One hand held her by the hair while I kissed her
    hard on her red lips.

    I wanted to fuck her right away, but I knew that I had
    all week ahead of me. I would enjoy her completely
    before the week was done. I held her breast in my hand,
    and the nipple between my thumb and finger. I pinched
    it rather hard, and though she winced, she didn’t
    scream. This woman had possibilities!

    Still holding her wrist, I dragged her out to the main
    room. In a suitcase there, I found some red scarves and
    used these to tie her wrists behind her back. I shoved
    her into a large chair while I looked thru the other
    things. Among the sacks and boxes were enough food and
    drink to last the week for both of us. But when I found
    a small luggage case, I saw her eyes get bigger. When I
    opened it up, I saw why! Inside were a whole bunch of
    sex toys! There were 4 dildos, a couple of small butt
    plugs, some nipple clips, a set of four leather cuffs,
    a soft rubber ball with a strap running thru it, and a
    large roll of some kind of soft rope.

    With a wicked smile, I took two of the cuffs, and
    fastened them on her ankles. Then tied the cuffs to
    each leg of the chair. This spread her legs nicely and
    left her pussy open to view. The other pair of cuffs, I
    put on her wrists then tied them behind the chair back.
    She was truly immobilized now and I wouldn’t have to
    worry about her getting away. I let my hand slide
    across her breasts, and down to her pussy. Her hair
    there was wet, but it might have been from the bath. My
    finger slipped into her so easily that I knew it was
    not from the bath! This bitch was getting hot from
    being tied up! Damn!

    I walked around the cabin to get an idea of the layout.
    Besides the bedroom and the main room, there was a
    kitchen, and a storage room. The storage room had a
    bunch of junk in it that looked like leftover furniture
    or gym equipment. something that looked like a vaulting
    horse, and some weights.

    When I returned to the main room, she was still in the
    chair, but she had moved it a bit towards the door. I
    went in from of her, and told her that I didn’t
    appreciate her trying to get away. I reached down and
    grabbed a nipple in each hand. Looking her in the eyes,
    I began to pinch and twist them. It took quite a bit
    until she started to yell. When I stopped, she had
    gotten the idea. But just in case, I told her. Any
    attempt to get away or to do ANYTHING I didn’t like
    would be rewarded with pain!

    I pulled the chair with her in over to the kitchen
    table. As I made something to eat, I watched her. Her
    eyes went all over the room looking for something to
    help her get away. I sat in front of her and ate.
    Finishing up, I untied her and led her to the bed room.
    Once there, I tied her wrist cuffs to the headboard of
    the bed. As she lay on her back, she looked even more
    defenseless and desirable. My cock was throbbing from
    desire for her.

    I removed my clothes, and when my cock sprang into
    view, I saw her lick her lips almost in fright. I
    crawled on bed between her legs, and started to lick
    her pussy. It only took a moment of this before she was
    very wet again! A few more minutes of licking and
    sucking at her clit brought forth a soft moan. I moved
    up to her breasts and sucked on the nipples. This made
    her even more aroused.

    As I rested on my hands, my dick was poised at the
    entrance to her cunt. I pushed forward just a bit and
    the head of my cock slipped just inside her. Looking in
    her eyes, I suddenly slammed into her! I rammed as deep
    as possible! In one stroke, I had buried my cock all
    the way in her wet hot pussy! As I did this, her eyes
    got larger, and she moaned. I started to stroke in and
    out of her. Her cunt made wet squishing noises each
    time I plunged in! Her head started to go snap from
    side to side.

    Soon, her legs were wrapped around my waist, and she
    was bucking as hard as I was. With a last deep thrust,
    I started to flood her cunt with my cum. Each spurt
    seemed to last forever!

    She was cumming too!

    Her pussy seemed to snap at my dick and milked even
    more cum out of it. At long last it was over. As I
    looked at her, I thought that this was going to be a
    week to remember! I rolled off of her, and smiled. Her
    eyes opened and she started to cuss me out! Such
    language! She was calling me every name in the book!
    Feeling a bit upset, I reached over and backhanded her
    across both breasts! That shut her up a bit.

    It had been a long day and I was tired. But what to do
    with her while I was asleep. hmmmmm… I ended up by
    letting her go to the bathroom and getting cleaned up.
    and then I remembered the vaulting horse in the storage
    room. I brought it and her into the bed room. I made
    sure that the horse could not be moved, and placed it
    next to the bed. I bent her over it, and tied her cuffs
    to each leg of the horse.

    Now I could sleep without worrying that she would get
    away. As I walked by her on the way to bed, she again
    cussed me a bit. Taking my belt, I gave her upturned
    ass a few hefty smacks! Only about 8 or 10 strokes and
    her ass was bright red. I saw that her pussy was wet
    again from this, but when I touched her asshole, she
    tried to move away. Well, I thought, tomorrow is
    another day.


    I awoke refreshed and a bit horny as I do every
    morning. Looking to the side, I saw her still bent over
    the horse, and asleep. I got up and went over and let
    my hands roam over her body. When I played with her
    nipples, she moaned even in her sleep. From behind, I
    could see her pussy was wide open, but not really wet
    though. So deciding to awaken her, I gave her a couple
    of swats with the belt again.

    She woke up with a scream!

    A few more hard strokes and her ass was turning red
    again! Stopping for a minute, I played with her pussy
    and cunt. All too soon, she was wet once more. Standing
    behind her, I entered her cunt. Her pussy was just the
    right height for my cock to slip into her. It only took
    a few strokes and she was responding! But then this was
    for my pleasure and not hers!

    I slapped her ass a few times, but this seemed to make
    her hotter. I continued to plunge in and out of her,
    until with a rush, I started to cum again. I hosed her
    lovely pussy with my cum and soon felt drained.

    She was still moving as best she could, which wasn’t
    much! She was close to cumming, but hadn’t yet. Pulling
    out of her, I walked around in front. Patting her on
    the cheek, I left the room. I was gone almost and hour
    when I returned and let her free. I led her to the
    bathroom, and told her to get cleaned up. While I had
    been gone, I had closed the heavy wood shutters from
    the outside, and nailed them shut.

    There was no way she could escape by a window now. I
    had also put a hasp on the doors and locked them. This
    cabin would be her cell until I decided to let her out.
    I heard her try the window, but knew she wouldn’t get
    away so I continued to make some breakfast.

    When I heard the water stop, I waited a few minutes and
    then called to her to come here. She didn’t come, so I
    had to go get her. I found her trying to push open the
    shutters and grabbed her by her hair.

    “Now listen bitch!” I said. “You come whenever I call
    and do whatever I want when I want it! For trying to
    get away, you’ve earned yourself some more pain!”

    Dragging her back to the horse, I bent her over it and
    started to whip her ass with the belt again. This time
    I didn’t stop until her ass was bright red, and tears
    were running down her face. I stood her up, and grabbed
    hold of a nipple. Using this as a handle, I pulled her
    into the kitchen. I made her sit in the chair facing
    me, and picked up my coffee. She started to ask
    something, but I interrupted her.

    “When you address me, you will say Sir or Master,” I

    I could see that this didn’t go well with her but she
    started again.

    “Sir, I am very hungry and thirsty. May I have some

    “Now that’s better! Oh course you may have some
    breakfast. You may move around and make whatever you

    She got up and moved around the kitchen making
    breakfast for herself.

    As she sat down, I told her what I expected.

    “Now then. Each morning from now on, you will make
    breakfast for the both of us. You will ask what to
    make, and then make it. If you do well, then a reward
    will be given to you, otherwise, more punishment.”

    She just nodded.

    “What are you to say?”

    She swallowed quickly, and said, “Yes Sir, I will. May
    I get dressed after breakfast?”

    “After you have cleaned up the kitchen, I will select
    some things for you to wear.”


    An hour later, when the kitchen was clean, I led her to
    the bedroom. I brought her suitcases with me, and
    looked thru them. I had her put on a blouse that was
    buttoned up the front, and some socks. A picked up a
    pair of blue jeans and could see that they would be
    very tight on her. Leaving her there for a moment, I
    got a fair sized dildo from the other bag. I had her
    spread her legs, and then pushed it up her pussy! Then
    had her put on the blue jeans. It was a lot of work for
    her to do that, but she got them on and zipped up. The
    jeans held the base of the dildo completely inside her

    I made her keep the leather cuffs on her wrists and
    ankles, and also put a red scarf around her neck. I
    tied it in a strong knot that wouldn’t slip. Then
    taking a length of the soft rope, I fastened it to the
    scarf. Now I could lead her around on a leash. I
    reached in the case once again and got the nipple clips
    and put them in my pocket. I jerked on the rope and
    made her follow me. After unlocking the door, I lead
    her out for a walk.

    We walked down a trail and around the area. After about
    an hour, She complained that she was getting tired. I
    stopped in a grassy place under a tree and sat down.
    She had been quiet so far, but now she started to talk.
    She tried to scare me by saying that I would get
    caught, and go to jail, but I just let her ramble on.
    When she stopped, I turned her around, and using a
    piece of rope, I tied her wrist cuffs together behind
    her back. Then turning her around again, I opened her
    blouse and pushed it off her shoulders.

    Her nipples were standing up so I got out the clips! I
    noticed that these clips had a spring in them, and also
    a small screw that could tighten them even more. There
    was a chain between the clips. I put one on her nipple,
    and then began to tighten the screw. It only took a few
    turns to get a response from her. then the same with
    the other clip.

    I unfastened the rope from her neck and tied it to the
    chain between the nipple clips. Now when I pulled on
    the rope, it pulled her nipples. I jerked the rope a
    couple of times, and saw her wince each time. Getting
    to my feet, I lead her back towards the cabin. About a
    hundred yards short of the cabin, I had her sit on the
    ground. I removed her shoes and socks and then get back

    This time, I lead her between trees, over branches, and
    finally across the gravel drive to the cabin. At one
    point I thought she would stop, but a few jerks on the
    rope and she came along. Once inside with the door
    locked, I removed the clips. I took each nipple and
    sucked on it. I played with the nipple with my tongue
    and nibbled around the breast. I worked her jeans off,
    and removed the dildo from her pussy. I noticed that
    her pussy was extremely wet! This woman must get off
    from pain I thought.

    Meanwhile, My cock had gotten hard again. I released
    her hands, and had her sit in the large chair. I told
    her to play with herself, but not to cum. I sat on the
    couch and watched her. At first she was hesitant to do
    much, but after a bit, I could see that she was getting
    aroused. Her finger went in circles around her clit and
    pussy lips. Back and forth, back and forth. every now
    and then slipping inside her pussy. I saw her face was
    getting flushed and my dick was hungry for her too. I
    stopped her, and led her to the bedroom.

    Once there, I removed my clothes and lay on my back on
    the bed. I had her sit on top and slide her pussy down
    onto my dick! It was so hot and tight I could have cum
    with no trouble at all. She bounced up and down on it.
    When I was getting close, I had her stop. I attached
    the nipple clips again but this time they made her moan
    as I tightened them.

    Once they were on as tight as I dared, I had her turn
    around so her back was towards me. I handed her a
    dildo, and told her to put it in her pussy! Once there,
    I lifted her up a bit, And guided my cock at her
    asshole. When she felt it poking at her ass, she tried
    to move away. But a few jerks on the nipple clips
    stopped that. But still she wouldn’t let herself down
    on my dick! When I tried to pull her down, she twisted
    and avoided my dick. Getting mad, I pushed her off the
    bed, and jumped up. I grabbed her by the hair, and
    forced her over the vaulting horse beside the bed. I
    quickly tied her hands to the legs of the horse, and
    started to whip her ass again!

    This time I struck her ass as hard as I could. Welts
    quickly formed, and her ass was fiery red! I stepped
    between her legs, and poked the head of my dick at her
    asshole once more. Holding her hips with each hand, I
    pulled myself into her ass! At first, only a little bit
    slipped in. And she yowled in pain! I kept pulling and
    a bit more was forced in.

    Her yowl turned to a scream and she tried to get away!
    As more and more of my prick disappeared into her ass,
    her screams tapered off. With a last hard thrust, I was
    all the way up her ass! I stopped there, and reached
    down and wiggled the dildo in her pussy. As I did that,
    she moved her hips a bit. I continued to wiggle the
    dildo without moving my hips.

    After a bit, I slowly pulled out of her ass until only
    the head was still in. Then again pushing in her. after
    about 10 strokes of this, her yowls had turned to
    moans, and I speeded up. Quickly I was humping her ass
    for all I was worth! She was moaning constantly now,
    and almost ready to cum. I reached around her and
    grabbed the chain to the nipple clips. As I pulled on
    them, she bucked as hard as she could and started to
    cum! I could feel her ass muscles tightening on my cock
    with her spasms, and I only stroked into her a couple
    of more times before I started to cum.

    As I felt the first spurt starting, I screwed as deep
    into her ass as possible! As the cum spurted from my
    dick, it caused her to cum again! A few more jerks on
    her nipple clip chain and she was cumming once more!
    This woman was unbelievable!

    All too soon, I had finished spurting my load of cum
    inside her. As I pulled out of her, her asshole stayed
    open for a few seconds. I quickly slipped the dildo
    from her pussy to her ass and pushed it in as far as it
    would go! I then released her from the horse and let
    her fall back on the bed. I tied her wrists to the
    headboard, and left to clean up and relax.

    This was going to be a great day and it was only 2 pm
    so far with lots of time to go.

    As I was drying off, I walked back towards the bedroom.
    Just at the door, I heard the crunch of tires on gravel
    from outside. I raced to the window, and saw a small
    blue car pulling up. I reached into the case, and
    grabbed the ball from it. Into the bedroom, and forced
    the ball between her lips and into her mouth. I tied it
    securely in place as I heard steps approaching the

    Quickly pulling on some pants, I went to the door. When
    I opened it, I saw lovely young woman standing there.
    She looked as surprised to see me as I was to see her!
    We looked at each other for a moment, then both tried
    to talk at the same time. I let her go first. She said
    that she thought that this was Cathy’s cabin and that
    she was going to meet her here. Now the food and drink
    enough for 2 people made sense.

    I told her that Cathy was out walking in the forest,
    but that I was a friend that she had invited over. I
    asked her in, knowing that the ball gag would keep
    Cathy quiet. She brought in a suitcase and another
    small luggage case. I had her sit down, and offered her
    a drink. She agreed to a martini, and I fixed it all
    the time wondering if I dared to grab her too. Her name
    was Linda and she was a knockout too. Brown hair, green
    eyes, and a figure that looked perfect. As she drank
    her martini, she wandered around the cabin. She looked
    out the door for Cathy to return, and then back to her

    Her eyes seemed to examine me like a doctors. She
    smiled as her eyes centered on my crotch. I was getting
    hard again from the excitement of another beautiful
    woman. I took her luggage into the bedroom where Cathy
    was secured. Cathy’s eyes seemed to show fright as I
    looked at her. She made some kind of sound, but the
    ball gag stopped it.

    I opened Linda’s case out of curiosity, and was not too
    surprised to find some more sex toys. Coiled up among
    them was 2 black whips that were a surprise tho. There
    was a set of sliver handcuffs there that I slipped into
    my pocket.Closing the case quickly, I returned to the
    main room. Linda was over by the door looking out.

    As I came close, she handed me her glass, and said that
    she wanted to freshen up. She walked towards the
    bedroom door, and I followed close as if I was heading
    to the kitchen. She opened the door and took a step in
    before she really saw what was in there. I stepped
    inside and shut the door behind me. I saw her eyes
    widen as she looked at Cathy on the bed.

    Before she could begin to do anything, I grabbed her
    hands and fastened the handcuffs on them. She started
    to yell and cuss at me, but quickly stopped when I
    slapped her face. I pushed her over to a chair and made
    her sit down. As I sat on the bed, I watched her face.
    At first there was a look of fear, and then one of
    satisfaction, and lastly a small smile on her lips. She
    looked at Cathy on the bed, and back to me.

    “Now this is a change. Usually I am the one that does
    the tying not the one tied. I see that you and Cathy
    have been having fun.”

    “What is this?” I said. “Are you trying to tell me that
    you and Cathy usually play these sex games between

    “Why of course.” She said. “Both of us are submissives,
    but once in a while we meet here and take turns being
    the Master. It is not as much fun, but we relax and
    enjoy it. You look like someone that can use a strong
    hand.” With that there was a catty smile on her face.

    Making sure that Linda could not slip out the door, I
    moved aside and undid Cathy’s ball gag. “Is this true?”
    I asked her. “Do you and Linda like to be dominated?”

    At first she looked a little embarrassed, but then
    replied. “Yes we do like to be dominated a bit.”

    “HAH!” said Linda. “She loves it! And the harder the
    better. I am usually the one that plays Master cause
    she loves to be forced into sex. You must have noticed
    that by now!”

    I moved next to Linda and unlocked the handcuffs. “If
    you like it this way, then you know the correct
    position to assume.” I said. I wanted to check these
    two out before I made up my mind. Cathy had seemed to
    get turned on by rough handling tho.

    Linda quickly dropped to her knees on the floor and sat
    back on her heels. she spread her legs as far as her
    skirt would allow and her arms were crossed behind her
    back. Her head was bowed with her chin on her chest. In
    this position, the material across her breasts was
    pulled tight and I could see that she was not wearing a
    bra, and that her nipples were standing out. Deciding
    to take a chance, I released Cathy from the headboard,
    and she quickly went beside Linda and got into the same

    This was a dream come true! Two beautiful woman willing
    to be my slaves for a week! I felt that I had died and
    gone to heaven. I told Linda to get undressed. She
    stood up, and started on her blouse. As it came free,
    her breasts were as good or better than Cathy’s! The
    skirt came next and her black thatch showed thru her
    white panties. As she stepped out of her panties, I saw
    that her pussy was glistening with moisture. As soon as
    she was naked, she dropped back to the floor and went
    into the same position.

    “Are there any other people coming up this week?” I
    wanted to know.

    “No Master,” Cathy replied. “We don’t know all that
    many people that we would trust here. Slave Linda is an
    executive with a bank, and I am a partner in a large
    law firm. If anyone found out about our likes, we would
    lose everything.”

    “Why didn’t you say something about this earlier to
    me?” I asked Cathy.

    “I was enjoying it Master, and I was still a bit afraid
    that you would discover our secret. I thought that when
    slave Linda showed up, you might leave and never know.”

    “What is your favorite way of being fucked?” I asked.

    “Master,” Said Linda. “I like all kinds as long as it
    is hard. But slave Cathy only likes to it when she is
    forced and it combines pain with it. That’s why I am
    usually the one that plays as the dominate one.”

    “Is this true slave Cathy?”

    “Yes Master.” She replied in a very soft voice. “I
    don’t understand why, but pain increases my pleasure.”

    “Well then, slave Cathy get over the horse there, and
    grab your ankles.” I ordered. Once she was there, I
    took my belt and gave her a couple of hard slaps with
    it. She didn’t make a sound. “Slave Linda, get a whip
    for her ass. and whichever one you pick, the other will
    be used on your ass!”

    Linda went to her case and returned with a short whip
    that ended in 6 or 7 ends. Deciding to watch for a
    minute, I told Linda to begin whipping her. As she
    moved next to the horse, I started to get undressed. By
    the time I had removed my pants, Linda had laid into
    Cathy’s upturned ass with a vengeance! Her ass was
    bright red, and criss-crossed with thin welts.

    Cathy still had not made a sound though. I took the
    whip, and started to work on her ass. After a few
    strokes, I started to moved down her legs. Soon not
    only was her ass welted, but the back of her legs were
    too. By working on her legs, Cathy started to respond.
    Soft cries escaped her lips, and her hands almost let
    go a couple of times.

    I told Linda to get on the bed on her back. Then I had
    Cathy lay on her stomach between Linda’s legs and lick
    her. I watched for a minute, then whipped her ass some
    more. Just a few licks. I stopped and went to the case
    and got out the largest butt plug there. I had Linda
    lick it until it was good and wet, then started to push
    it into Cathy’s asshole. Cathy did not like that, but
    had no choice! It went in slowly. a little bit at a

    I knew that she was clenching her ass to prevent it,
    but just pushed harder. When it was all the way in, I
    picked up the whip again. Linda was now moaning and
    holding Cathy’s head against her pussy. This time as I
    brought the whip down, it was much gentler. But I made
    sure that every stroke hit the end of the butt plug.

    Linda was about to cum when I stopped, and lifted
    Cathy’s ass. I pushed my cock deep into Cathy pussy!
    Now every time I lunged forward, my hips bumped against
    the butt plug in Cathy’s asshole, and Cathy’s face and
    tongue were mashed against Linda’s cunt.

    My strokes had brought Cathy close to cumming also, and
    was moaning around the pussy in her face. Watching
    these two had really turned me on! It only took a few
    strokes, and I was slamming into her as deep and as
    hard as I could. Both slaves were moaning and close to
    cumming! With a powerful lunge, I slammed deep into her
    cunt, and started to shoot my load of cum deep into
    her! Just then, both slaves started to cum. All three
    of us were cumming at the same time.

    When the last spurt had been shot into her pussy, I
    rolled off of her, and told them to clean up my dick.
    Both of them quickly moved around and started to lick
    me clean. Then I had Linda clean up Cathy’s pussy with
    her tongue. Cathy was getting hot all over by the time
    Linda was done.

    After this, I needed a drink, and some rest, but an
    idea came to me. I had the girls stand up by the bed
    while I went to the case and found a set of 2 nipple
    clips that were connected by a chain. I snapped on clip
    on Linda’s right nipple, and the other clip on Cathy’s
    left nipple.

    I told them that they were to remain that way, until I
    decided to let them free. I told them to follow me and
    I went out to the main room and sat down. I told them
    to fix me a drink, and one for each of them. when they
    had returned I had them resume their kneeling position
    on the floor, but allowed them to drink.

    As I sat there looking at these two beautiful and
    desirable slaves, I wondered who would be too exhausted
    to move by the end of the week. I had a feeling that it
    would be me!

    By now it was getting dark out, and I had them make
    dinner for us. I don’t know which one was the cook, but
    the food was delicious! By 9 PM, we were all a bit
    tired, and I suggested that we go to bed. I had
    released the clips by then, and had one slave on each
    side of me as I drifted off to sleep.


    I woke slowly and noticed the smell of bacon cooking. I
    just lay there with my eyes closed, enjoying the
    feeling and remembering yesterday. My nose itched and I
    went to scratch it but couldn’t! My eyes snapped open,
    and I saw I was tied to the bed! What the hell was
    this? I pulled as hard as I could, but the ropes held.
    I hollered at them and Cathy came into the room with a
    large smile on her face.

    “I see that you are finally awake.” She said. “We
    decided that it would be only fair if the tables were
    turned a bit. so today you are going to be OUR slave!”

    “Like HELL I will!!” I yelled. “Get this damned rope
    off me RIGHT NOW!”

    “Now that’s no way for a good slave to talk.” She said
    as she walked further into the room. She picked up a
    different whip than I had seen before. It was smaller,
    and had only 3 tips on it. “If you keep on with your
    language, then we will have to change your mind!” With
    that she swung the whip towards my dick!

    I had awakened with a large hard on, and the whip
    snapped against it!

    “AAAIIIIEEEEEEE!!!!!” I yelled! That HURT! Damn! What
    was going on here. Another stroke, then another! Each
    one brought a scream of pain from me. She stopped and
    looked at me. Then said…..

    “We agreed that tomorrow morning we would be your
    slaves once again, but today you are ours! So get used
    to the idea. If you are good, we may feed you.”

    Thinking fast, I decided that I didn’t want that damned
    whip going again so I agreed with her. “OK, OK!” I
    said. “Have your fun, and tomorrow I’ll repay you in

    “That’s sort of what we were looking forward to. But
    you must be reminded to call us MISTRESS!” With that
    another lash at my raging hard on!

    “YYYIIIEEEEEEE!!” I yelled! “Yes Mistress Cathy.
    Whatever you say!”

    With a smile, she left be there. I pulled at the ropes,
    but they held fast. I was angry, and aroused at the
    same time. My hard on was still rampant, and needing
    attention, but until I was let go, or one of the girls
    did something, it would have to wait. Soon both women
    returned and Linda was carrying a large plate.

    Now was my chance to turn the tables on them. If my
    hand was free to eat, I was sure that I could get
    myself untied. But no such luck! They cut the food up
    and fed me! As much as I pleaded with them to let me
    feed myself, they refused. It took nearly an hour for
    me to eat everything, and the time passed quickly.

    I only forgot to say ‘Mistress’ once, and received a
    lash to my dick for it. When I got free, they were
    going to pay for all this! While feeding me, they
    mentioned that they might take me for a walk later.
    Again, I was devising plans to escape! But again all my
    plans were ruined!

    After returning the plates to the kitchen, they
    returned with two longish thin ropes. They tied the
    ends of them in slip knots, then put them around my
    balls! One rope leading out from the front, and one
    between my legs and out from the back. they untied my
    feet, and one hand. Before I could so much as move,
    they were at the ends of the ropes and had pulled them

    The pain was tremendous! Knowing that if I moved, I
    would lose that which was dear to me, I lay still! They
    told me to untie my other hand and then to stand up. I
    figured that I could grab the ropes, but if I slipped,
    Bye, Bye balls. I figured that a better time would have
    to come, so I did exactly as they said. Using the
    ropes, they led me to the storage room. My but they had
    been busy! It was now empty and they had put some bolts
    on each wall. When I was in the middle of the room,
    Linda tied her rope to the eyebolt. the moved around to
    Cathy’s side. Once the bolt was thru that eyebolt,
    Linda pulled it tight and Cathy tied it off! I was

    If I tried to move, one or the other rope would snub me
    up quickly! As for pulling the eyebolts out of the
    wall, they looked too sturdy for that.

    “Mistress Linda. This is not fair! If I slipped and
    fell, I could be ruined! Please let me go! I will do
    whatever you say!” I said. A part of my mind was
    devious! if I got loose, I had plans for them no matter
    what I said now!

    “Hah! You will remain our slave until tomorrow morning,
    and won’t be given any chance to get free. you say that
    you would do as we want, but we aren’t taking any
    chances! As for slipping… DON’T!”

    Cathy, meanwhile had left and now returned. She had a
    wide leather belt with a couple of ‘D’ rings sewn on
    it. She put the belt around my waist and snugged it up
    tight! I fleetingly thought about grabbing her, but the
    risk was not worth it. She fastened wrist cuffs on me,
    and then snapped them to the belt ‘D’ ring in back.
    Undoing one of the ropes, they left the one in front
    attached. Using it like a leash, Linda took it and
    started out the door of the storage room. I had no
    choice but to follow!

    One jerk on that rope convinced me that a struggle
    would be harder on me! She led me into the bed room,
    and tied off the rope to a leg of the bed. I could move
    around a little now, but only about three feet. Both
    Cathy and Linda began to get dressed. They knew they
    had a captive audience, and they took their time.
    Stroking their breasts, and pussy mounds for my

    They got their desired effect as my cock quickly sprang
    to attention. Once dressed, Cathy this time took the
    rope, and led me outside. As she walked off, And
    naturally I HAD to follow, she said something about
    payback for her earlier walk. Stark naked except for
    the belt, I followed her where ever she went.

    At first it wasn’t too hard as the ground was smooth,
    but soon, she turned from the path and led off thru the
    brush. Anytime I slowed down, another jerk of the
    ‘leash’, brought me in line. After more than an hour of
    this, I was limping badly! I was a city boy, and my
    feet were used to shoes. By the time she led me back to
    the house, I could just barely limp. The pain in my
    feet and legs was terrible. But in my mind constantly,
    was the thought of revenge!

    Once inside the house, I found that Linda had been
    busy! In the center of the room, were tow sawhorses,
    and a sheet of plywood over them. Near the center was a
    small hole. Linda had me lay on my back on the plywood,
    and Cathy put the rope from my balls thru the hole. She
    tied the other end of the rope to something under the
    plywood. When she was done, they both stepped back to
    look at me.

    “Now slave, let’s see you go somewhere.” With that,
    they released my hands, and stood back. The rope was
    pulling on my balls, and I grabbed it and tried to pull
    it from the hole. I moved the rope about 1 inch and
    felt a bump on the plywood from underneath!

    “Nice try!” said Linda. “The other end of the rope is
    attached to a large 5 lb weight! You can move your
    hands and do whatever you wish, but not get off the
    plywood! Have fun!” With that remark, both girls left
    for the bed room. I pulled and twisted, and tried
    everything, but the rope held me fast to the wood! The
    1 inch of slack was not enough to get the rope off my
    balls, and I was stuck there! When the girls returned
    they had changed clothes. Cathy had on a silky
    nightgown, and Linda wore one that was blue. Cathy came
    next to me and started to stroke my cock. It rose to
    the occasion quickly! As she played with it, Linda
    leaned over me and guided her breast to my mouth.

    “Now this is more like it!” I thought. I quickly
    started to suck and lick her breast! As it became hard,
    she pulled it away, and brought the other one to me. I
    reached towards Cathy, and slid my hand up her leg, and
    stroked her cunt. By now, Cathy was sucking on my cock
    and making me hotter and hotter!

    At one point, I flexed my hips to drive my cock deeper
    into Cathy’s mouth, but the rope jerked at my balls and
    stopped that idea. As long as I lay quiet, no problem.
    But no bucking was going to work. As I played with
    Cathy’s pussy, I felt it get wet.

    When I slipped a finger in it, there was no resistance.
    Then another finger. Pushing them in and out, brought
    moans of pleasure for her. I put my thumb against her
    asshole intending to slip that in too, but she moved
    away to prevent it! Linda had been enjoying my sucking,
    but now wanted more too. She took my free hand and put
    it on her pussy!

    Knowing what she wanted, I started to finger her too. I
    was so close to comming that not moving my hips was
    agony! I wanted to drive up into Cathy’s mouth so bad!
    She must have known this, cause she sucked even harder
    and took more of my dick into her mouth. I was on the
    verge of cumming, when she suddenly stopped!

    “No, No! slave.” She said. “You may only cum when we
    are both thru with you.” With that she started to slap
    and pinch my cock! As I yelled in pain, she just smiled
    and kept on. When she thought I had been forced away
    from cumming enough, she climbed on the table. Linda
    reached over and guided my cock to Cathy’s wet pussy.
    Cathy slowly lowered her pussy don onto my cock.
    Slowly… slowly, very slowly! Just a bit at a time.

    When she was fully impaled on it, she stayed there, and
    wiggled around for a bit. The again slowly, lifted off
    of it. Linda held my dick straight up, and Cathy
    repeated the slow movements. But only three or four
    times. Then Cathy started to bounce up and down on me
    and Linda wasn’t needed.

    Cathy was riding me for all she was worth! I reached up
    and held her breast as she bounced around. A few
    pinches on her nipple seemed to make her move even
    faster. Meanwhile I was in agony! I couldn’t move! I
    had to lie there and just be used! That damn rope
    around my balls prevented me from doing anything! With
    a extra hard bounce, Cathy started to cum! Her moans
    had gotten louder and louder as she had moved, and now
    were nearly a scream.

    As she came, I wanted to thrust up into her or at least
    move my hips around, but that DAMN ROPE AGAIN! I felt
    like I was simple a flesh and blood machine for them to
    use. When Cathy had finished cumming, Linda quickly
    mounted me! He pussy was even tighter and wetter than
    Cathy’s. She had a different way of enjoying herself.
    She would thrust forward and back instead of up and
    down like Cathy. But the effect was the same. She was
    soon on the tip of cumming!

    I held both nipples as she moved, and now she screamed
    at me…


    I did as she wanted, and mashed and twisted her
    nipples. This was the last bit she wanted! She started
    to cum with great shudders. She ground her pussy
    against me until I thought she would push me through
    the wood. But still, I HADN’T CUM! My Dick felt like it
    was on fire with the wanting to cum. My balls seemed
    like they were full of cum ready to shoot into her, but
    not quite yet. As Linda calmed down, I kept trying to
    move the little I could against the rope. With a smile,
    she got off of me, and I pleaded with her…

    “PPPlease Mistress Linda, PPLEASE!!! Help me CUM!!!!”

    She stood there and smiled and at last nodded at me.
    “OK Slave, I will help you cum, but first I will make
    sure that you cum as I want you to.” She reached under
    the table and brought out a 6 inch dildo. She lifted my
    legs and started to poke it at my asshole.

    “No!!! NOOOOOO!!!! Not that!! I begged.”

    She stopped for a moment and I thought she had changed
    her mind. But all she did was to smear some KY Jelly on
    the dildo, and then start all over again pushing it
    inside me.

    THERE!!!! NO!!” I begged and cried.

    With all the grease she had put on it, it was easy for
    her to push it deep in my ass! Once there, She lowered
    my legs, and sucked my dick into her mouth. In only a
    few seconds, I was ready to cum. She knew it and
    stopped. I begged with her, but to no avail! She waited
    until I had calmed down a bit, then started sucking
    again! She did this to me three or four times and each
    time I built higher and higher before she stopped.
    Finally, she kept sucking as I started to cum.

    And did I CUM.

    My dick spasmed and bucked in her mouth as it started
    to shoot. She swallowed all that I shot into her! And
    after the third spurt, she grabbed the dildo in my ass,
    and jerked it out! It was almost like cumming again! I
    spurted even more cum into her waiting mouth. By now, I
    was nearly delirious with pleasure. I felt my balls
    emptying into her hot mouth and wanted it never to
    end… But… in an all too soon time, I was finished.
    My dick was limp, and I lay there exhausted… Linda
    lay her head on my stomach and rested also.

    After a time, Cathy reappeared with what looked like a
    short curtain rod. She fastened it to each of my ankles
    and I found that the rod kept my legs spread apart.
    They fastened my wrists to the belt again, and then
    Linda untied the rope from the weight, and from my
    balls! They made me get up, and walk to the kitchen.
    Walking was hard! I had to swing my feet in a wide arc,
    and be careful I didn’t lose my balance.

    Once there, they had me face the sink, and again tied
    my balls to a eyebolt in front of the sink. They
    released my hands, and I was commanded to wash all the
    dishes. Not having any choice in the matter, I did as
    they commanded! At first I did them in a rather
    haphazard manner. But Linda checked them, and they were
    all dumped back into the sink. She also, had gotten the
    small whip from the bed room, and slashed my ass with

    She counted 20 dishes, and said that since they were
    still dirty, I would get 20 lashes. She did just that!
    My god how that hurt! Twenty hard lashes! By the 10th
    one, I was grunting with the pain. By the 20th, I had
    tears in my eyes, and was howling. Cathy had sat and
    watched throughout the whole thing, and that made me
    feel a bit humiliated. When she was done whipping my
    ass, she had me start again doing the dishes. Believe
    me, this time they were clean! My ass hurt and was
    welted from the whip!

    After doing the dishes, I was given a vacuum cleaner
    and told to clean the cabin. The afternoon and evening
    passed this way. After the cleaning the main room, I
    was required to clean the storage room, clean the
    bathroom, and even to rake the front yard. I felt like
    a servant, but in a small part of my mind, the hot
    fires of revenge flamed!

    By evening, I had done all they commanded, and was at
    last led to a wooden chair in the main room. Once
    sitting there, they again tied my legs to the chair
    legs, and put a rope around my chest and tied it to the
    back of the chair. One hand was also tied to the chair
    arm. The TV was turned on, and they sat or laid on the
    other chairs and couch.

    From time to time, one of them would approach and play
    with my dick, or have me suck on their nipples for a
    while. One time, Linda even knelt on the chair arms and
    had me lick her pussy until she came in my face. Other
    than that, for the most part they ignored me. Like I
    was a piece of furniture to be used or not as it suited
    them. The time rolled around to 11 PM and I was untied
    and led into the bedroom.

    Once there I was again tied to the bed, and they lay on
    each side of me. Soon after, they were both asleep, but
    I stayed awake for another hour or two planning my
    revenge! I wallowed in the plans of pain and agony I
    would cause them tomorrow! They would rue the day they
    decided to make a slave out of me! With these heady
    thoughts going through my mind, I drifted off to


    I awoke with a jerk, and quickly looked around. I was
    no longer tied up and was free to move around. The
    girls were not in the room, and I got up and started to
    look for them. They were no where around! Not in the
    house or outside it! Linda’s car was also gone, but
    Cathy’s van was still there but no keys. Not knowing
    just what to do, I returned to the house, and went into
    the kitchen to eat. On the counter next to a full pot
    of coffee, was a note…..

    “Dearest Master,

    You were sleeping so quietly, that we decided to make a
    quick trip to the store and get some additional
    groceries and other items. We will be back as soon as
    we can.

    Most Humbly Yours,

    Slave Cathy Slave Linda”

    I sat there drinking my coffee and thinking…

    “This is turning into a wild week! Shit, not turning,
    but is! The girls were both slaves and Dominatrix! I
    hadn’t run across any like this before. But then again,
    I am not into being the slave. So, now what? Hmmmmmm.
    Well, today I will be in control and WILL stay that
    way! No more of this waking up all tied up shit! So
    what to do… hmmmmm. let’s see.

    Cathy likes to be forced huh? Well, I can take care of
    that! And Linda really doesn’t like to be dominated.
    Cathy enjoys pain,….. well she’ll get her fill of
    that today! Linda doesn’t like pain but she will get
    just as much. Hmmmmm.”

    As I sat there thinking, I heard the car pull in.
    Turning in my chair, I waited for the girls to enter.
    The door opened, and both girls entered with some bags
    of groceries. When they saw me sitting there, they
    quieted up, and came on in. They put the bags on the
    counter, and both fell to their knees into the correct
    submissive position.

    I looked at them, and then decided to forbid them
    clothes today. I told them to leave the room, undress,
    put on their wrist and ankle cuffs then to return.
    Without a word, they left and I continued to drink my
    coffee. When they had returned and were back on their
    knees, I told Cathy to make some breakfast for me. I
    wanted eggs, and bacon, and coffee.

    Cathy got up and started to make breakfast. Linda I
    told to suck on me a bit to get me in the mood for
    later. I sat there, watching Cathy work, with Linda’s
    hot mouth working on my cock. She was fondling my
    balls, and taking every bit of my dick into her mouth.
    Long slow strokes. Cathy meanwhile had the skillet
    going and put some bacon strips in it. When she reached
    for an apron, I stopped her!

    “Listen you dumb slave!” I said. “I told you not to
    wear anything this entire day! that goes for aprons

    “Yes Master.” she said. “But the bacon grease will
    splatter, and it is hot!”

    “Now that’s just too damn bad! And make sure that you
    don’t burn my food.”

    Cathy returned to cooking, and when the bacon started
    to sizzle, I could see her jerk each time a drop of
    grease hit her. It just added to my arousal! What with
    Linda’s mouth making my cock feel so good. When Cathy
    said that breakfast was ready, I pushed Linda away, and
    moved to the table. I had Cathy get in position to my
    right, and told Linda to get under the table and
    continue sucking.

    Long about halfway thru breakfast, I started to cum in
    Linda’s mouth. She never missed a stroke either! She
    continued to suck hard on my bucking dick and swallow
    as fast as she could. This was great! A good breakfast
    and two lovely slaves for pleasure.

    After breakfast and another cup of coffee, I went to
    the main room and called the girls to me.

    “I am going for a short walk now,” I said. “By the time
    I return, you will clean up the kitchen, and both take
    a hot shower. After the shower, Slave Linda will tie
    Slave Cathy face down on the bed. I want her ass raised
    with pillows, and Linda will be kneeling next to the

    “Yes Master!” they both replied.

    I wandered around the area for quite some time.
    Thinking about what I was going to do. Along the way, I
    came across a young birch tree and cut a couple of
    switches. Long, thin, limber switches. By the time I
    had returned to the cabin, I was sure the girls were
    ready and I had planned what I was going to do.

    When I walked into the bed room Cathy was tied to the
    bed and her ass was high. I walked next to it, and ran
    my hand over its smooth cheeks. Up and down her legs
    and brushing her pussy too. I had Linda bring the large
    dildo. I put it in Cathy’s mouth and told her to suck
    on it.

    When it was wet, I had Linda hold Cathy’s cheeks apart
    and then pushed it a ways up her asshole. Cathy yelped
    as it went in, but otherwise laid still. Stepping
    aside, I handed Linda the thin birch branch. I told her
    to begin whipping Cathy starting at the knees and then
    up to her shoulders. Each time I felt that she was not
    hitting Cathy hard enough, I would give her two

    Linda started in. SNAP… SNAP… SNAP… SNAP… SNAP.

    “Stop!” I said. “Linda, you aren’t doing that hard
    enough. Assume your position in front of me.” When she
    did, I gave her two hard lashes but not on the ass. One
    on each breast!

    The birch left a long thin welt on the sides of each
    breast. Each stroke brought a yelp and tears to her
    eyes. Then I told her to continue with Cathy. This
    time, she whipped her with a will. It took her 30
    strokes to reach Cathy’s ass. Another 30 to reach her

    By now, the strokes were less hard, not because she was
    being gentle, but her arm was wearing out. Cathy had
    started to howl about the 10th stroke. By the 30th, she
    was screaming. By then time Linda finished, Cathy was
    limp and only moaning in pain. I had Linda release
    Cathy, and turn her on her back. Once there, I directed
    Linda to lick Cathy’s pussy and to suck on her clit! It
    seemed to take only a few seconds before Cathy began to

    At first a low moan, then more and louder. Cathy’s
    hands came around and held Linda head and mouth against
    her pussy. Cathy started to thrust her hips into Linda
    face. I could see that she was close to cumming. Even
    Linda was moaning a bit.

    I yelled at them to quit! They were so involved that I
    had to lash Linda a couple of times to make her stop.
    Once she did I gave them new instructions. This time
    Linda was to be tied to the bed, and Cathy was to whip
    her! But! Linda was to be tied face up!

    Linda did not want it! in fact, she begged not to. But
    I moved over, and held her wrists while Cathy fastened
    them to the headboard. Then came the ankles. With her
    tied like this, Linda pussy was raised high and I could
    see it glisten. I gave the birch to Cathy and told her
    to start at Linda’s thighs and continue to her breasts!
    Cathy was still aroused, but she remembered how Linda
    had whipped her.

    She started with powerful strokes and continued on.
    Linda on yelped a bit when it was her legs being hit,
    but when the birch struck hard on her exposed pussy, a
    loud scream rent the room. I could see that Cathy was
    getting hotter and hotter from whipping the helpless
    Linda. She gave Linda another 6 or 8 strokes right on
    the pussy before moving on.

    Each time Linda screamed more, and tried to avoid the
    next stroke. But the cuffs held her. 10 more strokes
    brought Cathy to Linda’s nipples. The first stroke on
    her nipples and Linda screamed and bounced so hard I
    thought the cuffs would break. I was surprised to see
    that the nipples were even harder! Two more strokes and
    Linda started to thrust her hips as high as she could.
    When I told Cathy to stop and to lick Linda, she
    practically jumped onto the bed and shoved her face in
    Linda cunt!

    As soon as Linda felt the tongue on her clit, she
    started to thrash around and moan. Her moans were loud
    and seemed to go on forever. Cathy meanwhile had
    slipped a finger into her own pussy and was licking
    Linda and fingering herself at the same time. I gave
    her a hard lash on the ass and told her to stop. She
    put her hand back up to Linda cunt, but tried to rub
    her own pussy against the bed.

    Climbing onto the bed between Cathy’s legs, I nudged
    the head of my cock against Cathy’s asshole. I pushed
    until the head slipped inside her and then waited. Then
    without warning, I thrust forward deep into her hot
    ass! As I slammed into her asshole, Cathy let out a
    muffled shriek! I continued to plow into her ass and
    she was pushing back at me! Every time I stroked into
    her, she bucked back, When I slammed deep into her, the
    force of the thrust would push her face up against
    Linda muff!

    The first to cum was Linda. Her hips were bouncing
    around and her screams were of pure pleasure! Then I
    started to spurt my hot cum into Cathy’s ass. The first
    spurt seemed to set Cathy off! she screamed into the
    pussy in her face, and this set off Linda again. Spurt
    after spurt I sent into her hot ass, until finally I
    was empty!

    When I pulled out of Cathy ass, her asshole stayed open
    for a bit. I released Lindas cuffs and her clean up
    Cathy with her tongue. At the same time, I had Cathy
    clean up my cock with her mouth. Soon we were clean and
    well worn out. And here it was only 2 in the afternoon.
    What a day!

    By 6 that night, I was ready to go again. Both the
    girls were sore from earlier, so instead of more
    whipping, I gave them a chance. I had Linda kneel in
    front of me, and begging sucking on my cock. Cathy was
    between Linda’s legs licking her pussy. The chance was
    this I told them. If Linda could suck me off before
    Cathy made her cum, I would whip Cathy.

    But if Linda came first, I would whip Linda.

    Linda grabbed my cock and sucked for all she was worth!
    She played with my balls and took my cock past the back
    of her mouth and into her throat! Cathy meanwhile was
    licking and sucking on Linda’s pussy and clit! Each
    girl was doing the absolute best they could. It was a
    close thing, but Linda started to cum a moment before I
    did! As I hosed her throat with my cum, she kept
    bucking into Cathy’s face.

    As I finished, I had Linda lick off my cock then lick
    Cathy to an orgasm. As I sat there and watched Linda at
    work on Cathy, I noticed that Linda’s pussy had not
    been shaved! When she was done, I had Cathy tie her to
    the bed face up. Instead of whipping her, I proceeded
    to shave her pussy bare! Oh, I pulled a couple of hairs
    out by hand, but most I shaved off.

    I then had Linda released and we all went back to the
    main room. I was getting tired by then, but I still did
    not want to wake up in the morning all tied down. So,
    telling them that I was ready once more, I had them
    stay kneeling while I went to the storage room. In
    there I found an old broom handle. I cut a 14 inch

    I used some sand paper to make sure that the ends were
    smooth. Then finding a board that was nearly two feet
    wide and six foot long I returned to the main room. I
    had Linda get on her hands and knees. I put some KY
    Jelly on the ends of one of the handles then pushed it
    into Linda pussy. I had Cathy also get on her hands and
    knees and back into Linda.

    As she got near, I guided the handle into her pussy as
    well. The girls were butt to butt. Each had about 7
    inches of broom handle in their pussy! The taking some
    rope, I tied their thighs together. I put the board
    across their backs and tied them to the board. I
    wrapped rope around and around them.

    When I was done, the broom handle kept their asses
    together, and the board prevented them from moving
    apart or aside. I ran one last length of rope from
    Cathy’s wrist cuffs to Linda’s wrist cuffs. Kissing
    each of them on the cheek, I laid them on their sides
    and went to bed. If they could get out of this, I
    deserved to be tied up!


    Today when I woke up, I was not tied. Stretching
    slowly, I go up and walked to the main room. The girls
    were still tied, and were asleep on their sides. I
    could see that they had tried to escape, but without
    success. I patted each of them on the ass and they soon
    woke up. I quickly untied them, and let them up. When I
    walked into the kitchen they followed. I had them get
    on their knees and talked to them.

    “Today will be different that the last few days.” I
    told them. “Today we will act as tho everything was
    usual, and we may even go somewhere for dinner. How’s
    that sound to you?”

    They looked at each other and Cathy replied. “Whatever
    you desire our Master.”

    “OK, let me put it this way. Until I call you ‘Slave’,
    there will be no more master, or anything. You will
    both go take a bath and get dressed, then come back for
    breakfast. Understood?”

    “Yes master.” They said, and quickly left. I soon heard
    the sound of water running, and went and listened at
    the door. I could hear them laughing and giggling

    When they returned, I had Cathy make breakfast, and
    then we all ate. While eating we talked about what to
    do. Both girls agreed that they needed a rest before
    any further activities. We decided to go to an
    amusement park that was an hour away. We piled into the
    van, and started off. After about 30 minutes on the
    way, I told Linda that I needed some attention. She
    didn’t do anything un

    til I called her by Slave. Then she snuggled next to
    me, and open my trousers. She popped out my dick and
    began sucking on it. Cathy sat in the passenger seat
    and watched. Once in a while she would let her tongue
    lick her lips and she seemed a bit flushed. When I came
    into Linda’s mouth.

    I felt great! This was going to be a wonderful day.
    After Linda cleaned me off, and zipped up my trousers,
    I told the two of them to go in back and enjoy
    themselves. Both were off in a flash! They were laying
    down on the carpet and touching and kissing. In a few
    minutes, they had stripped and were sixty-nining! I
    could hear their slurping and sucking as they pleasured
    each other. They took their time, and both came in each
    others arms. By the time we arrived, they were still
    getting dressed and were still flushed.

    We parked the van and went in. We had a great day! We
    rode all the rides, and ate hot dogs and drank coke. We
    laughed and played and enjoyed ourselves the entire
    time. Just before we left, I ran into a friend of mine.
    John and I had known each other since we were kids.

    When I invited him to spend the night with us at the
    cabin, both Linda and Cathy started to frown. They got
    me aside and told me that they didn’t like the idea.
    They had too much to lose, and wanted no part of John.
    I agreed with them and said that I would tell john that
    I was sorry but another time.

    John didn’t seem too happy about it, but we soon all
    left. John going his way, and us back to the cabin.
    Once back at the cabin, we had a nice dinner, and then
    were watching some T.V.

    “Slaves,” I said. “I think it has been a wonderful day,
    and to top it off, I have a couple of ideas that I am
    sure you will like! So go take a bath then return and
    get in your positions.

    While they were cleaning up, I got undressed, and
    brought the dildos, rope and nipple clamps into the
    main room. When they returned, I had them put on their
    cuffs and kneel. I put one clamp on each of their
    nipples. Then I led them to the bedroom and had them
    get on the bed with their backs to each other. Then I
    put the ends from ones clamp to the others nipple.

    The two of them were now connected by the chains
    between the nipple clamps. If either of them tried to
    pull away, the chains would tighten, and force the
    clamps to tighten on their tender nipple flesh. I
    snapped their wrist cuffs together, and the same for
    the ankle cuffs. I played with their breasts and pussys
    for a while and saw that they were getting wet.

    I took a dildo and pushed it into each of there cunts!
    I turned on the vibrators that were built into the
    dildos, then left the room.

    As I entered the main room, I heard gravel being
    crunched by a cars tires. I knew that John had arrived!
    This would prove to be an interesting night. I had
    given John directions on how to get here, and he was
    more than willing. After all, these two women were
    going to wear me out. I needed help, and besides, I
    always wanted to try screwing a girl in the ass, while
    another guy was screwing her in the cunt. A steak
    sandwich! Yes, tonight was going to be great!


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