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inalloftheways: My cock was straining at my pants as you…

Saturday, September 16th, 2017

“I know, but… now that Im h—” 

“Your punishment, my love, is to go to that nice lady behind the counter and tell her every fucking detail of this. Tell her how you took me in an alley to suck my cock, but you were thinking about her and her hips wrapped around your face. Tell her how I found out and tell her how you begged me with your tongue for mercy.”

Your eyes rolled back and you groaned into me as you worked my cock more and your hands dropped to your flushed and drenched clit. I pushed you away and tucked my cock back into my jeans. I pulled you up, freeing your hands and knees from their bonds, and smoothed out your hair and clothes.

I planted a deep kiss on your lips and tasted my salty precum off your tongue. “Then, my love, you will slide her our room key and walk away.”

I left you there to collect yourself and strolled out of the alley into the busy daylight.

Now you had something to be scared of.

“Isn’t my cock enough?” Another sharp tug shakes loose a cry from your throat. ”Isn’t it?”

You look up through soaked eyes “It is.”

“It is what?”

“It is enough.”

I stare at you intently and release you. I guide the head of my cock to your lips. “Then take it.”  I say, gently.

You slide the head of my cock across your lips tongue, sobbing, overjoyed. Between bobs and strokes, you tilt your face towards me, smiling content with your prize.

“You might wipe that smile off your face, love. You don’t think that a little tug of your hair is enough to make amends for this, do you? Especially since you have what you want most right now.”

You shake your head with me buried all the way in your throat. You plead with me using your eyes and fingers and tongue and I moan (you are very good at what you do) but I’m not cracking.


“Oh? You thought I didn’t notice?” Obviously nothing was coming to mind.

“Back at the hotel. The girl behind the counter. I could practically smell you staring at her.”

I interrupted you with a sharp tug at the back of your hair. You winced and tried to shake away from my grip, but I wasn’t let go until you looked up at me with tearing eyes. Your eyes glinted fire at me as I leaned my face down to yours.

“I caught you, love.”

I could see that you were searching for your sin. Your eyes became wide, lost between pain and panic. My fingers gripped tighter. A small gasp escaped your lips and reverberated off the walls around us.

I saw the moment flash in your eyes; shame flushed through your cheeks, but it was more than that: the shame shot straight through you and was now beading up the lips of your pussy.

Guilty… and aching for it.

I leaned in further, right to your ears and growled. “You’ve been clawing at me all morning, you fucking whore. You want my cock because that will satisfy you enough… but I know you wish you were tasting her off of me. You weren’t going to share that fantasy, love?”

The sharp sting of my cinch gave way to a dull ache. You were torn between repent or rejoice: if you confess, how will you be punished?  Maybe you’ll get fucked and choked so hard you can’t breathe. Maybe you’ll be left in this alley, hands bound, alone and soaked to your thighs, whimpering. Maybe a slut like you would love that.

But maybe you won’t get anything at all.

My cock was straining at my pants as you started tugging tentatively at my belt. 

“I’m scared, love.”

I barely contained my smile; the fear in your eyes was only making me harder.  ”This was your idea.” I said, helping you with the latch. You slid your hands into my underwear and found me, thickening and leaky with precum. You pulled me out and started to stroke me. 

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    meezymcfly: Annnnnd grabby de boobies! hand bra pics where you…

    Wednesday, August 9th, 2017

    Annnnnd grabby de boobies!


    hand bra pics where you can see the nipples peeking throught the fingers are the best.

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      Sexy MILF Roxy strips off and fingers her pussy

      Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017

      Sexy MILF Roxy strips off and fingers her pussy

      Find local non-pro girls here!

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        dylantrooper: share-bare: You invited your boss for burgers on…

        Saturday, March 8th, 2014

        Now she’s got his cock stiff, her nipples are hard, and you know she’s creaming.  Neither of them are looking to you for consent, they’ve become two self-consenting adults.  Oh well, job security.

        You invited your boss for burgers on the grill.  Your wife started flirting with him while you grilled; then she fed him pieces of steak, with her fingers and a smile.  At that point you knew how this would end.

        he gets raised you get raise


        “Let’s jump in the pool!”  She squealed.  “I didn’t bring a suit.”  He said.  “That’s ok, we always skinny dip anyway.”  She laughed as she stripped naked in front of him.


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          I bet those fingers feel amazing in conjunction with that…

          Friday, December 7th, 2012

          I bet those fingers feel amazing in conjunction with that stinging heated ass. tcactus:

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            tiedupright: She gets so wet when she sucks my cock like this….

            Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

            She gets so wet when she sucks my cock like this. Ass in the air, body working to make her mouth please me. She knows as soon as I reach back, slip her panties down, and insert my fingers, that she is about to get her face fucked. Such a good way to pull her eager throat onto my hard cock. Soon she will cum, and I will shortly follow.


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              insomniagrrl: curiouspirate: I love this. Strong hands taking…

              Sunday, December 2nd, 2012

              Click gif/photo for credit

              i’d grab and squeeze your buttocks.


              I love this. Strong hands taking control. He could just tap her thighs with his fingers and her legs would part. But this…he is not just taking control he is owning it. Pushing her legs apart. A reminder that her will is his command.


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                beeandkay: Kay’s been looking for a new job recently, so it’s…

                Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

                For a bit more privacy, one of them suggests going back to the office as it’s only around the corner. Stumbling back Kay sends Bee a quick text message to let him know she’s okay, and that she’s about to have a damn good time that she’ll tell him all about when she gets home. Whilst she’s texting, she doesn’t notice one of her work colleagues also texting. He’s letting the rest of the guys who are out tonight know that she’s up for some fun and eventually all 5 of them are wandering back for some action.

                wandering up the stairs to the office Kay feels hands wandering up her skirt. All flirty and fun now, but she knows this is going to turn in to a really filthy session and she’s clocked the fact that all the guys followed them back, not just the two hot guys she fancied fucking. She knows now that she’s going to be fucked in all sorts of ways. A threesome would have been easy, nice and simple, but she’s never had 4 guys before. In the office, Kay is pushed in to the middle of the room and the guys pull up a few chairs to sit around her. She slowly undoes her shirt, letting each of them catch a glimpse of her sexy lingerie as she looks each of them in the eye, not sure what they are going to want to do to her. She’s barely learned their names this week, and here she is waiting to see what they want to do to her naked body. Kay throws her shirt to one side and hitches her skirt up, leaving her in heels, stockings and a little black skirt up round her waist.



                Kay’s been looking for a new job recently, so it’s only fair we have a fantasy to go alongside it…

                Meanwhile, the hand between her legs has become busier with fingers finding her clit and rubbing slowly at first. Then a finger pushes up inside Kay’s wet pussy whilst she feels another hand wandering up to help, pulling her open a little further and teasing her clit with another finger. She can barely tell who’s hands are who’s, but it feels like four hands are moving around her clit, her pussy and her arse. This is all too much for Kay and she knows she needs to feel someone inside her now. She pushes the guys away, walks over to a nearby desk and simply bends over. She looks forward, she doesn’t know who’s going to be behind her fucking her, she doesn’t really care. Kay thinks for a second about where she is and how she got there. Here she is, bent over a desk and presenting it to any one of four guys to see who wants to fuck her first. She feels so dirty but all she cares about right then is the feeling of a hard cock to give her a decent fucking. Bee had always asked her about how she could handle several blokes at once and Kay felt a huge desire to prove the point and to do whatever it takes to see that these 4 guys have the best time with her body. As far as she was concerned, she was giving them her body for the duration of this filthy session. Sure enough, she feels two hands grab either side of her arse and a solid cock starts to push its way inside her, all the way to the back of her pussy before the rhythm starts as the first guy gradually speeds up and begins pounding away. Kay closes her eyes and settles in to the rhythm, bracing with her hands on the desk so she can push back a bit further on that hard cock.

                The next bar has a dance floor and by this time everyone is pretty hammered. Kay drags a few of the guys up to the dance floor and it’s only a couple of songs in before she feels the first pair of hands on her sexy arse. As she turns around to face the guy who’s feeling her she feels a second pair of hands come from behind and start stroking her tits. Between the two of them, these guys are getting Kay really turned on. As they dance, she glides a hand down each of the guys chests, down past their belt and over the bulges in their trousers.

                After they’ve hit the first couple of bars and the shots are flowing one of the guys suggests playing “I have never…”. It’s not long before the questions start to get filthy and Kay’s new colleagues are pretty surprised at a) how open she is and b) how many of the dirty things they’ve suggested that she’s actually done! Kay drinks on “I have never kissed a girl”, “I have never taken it up the arse”, “I have never made a home movie” and “I have never fucked in a club” to name a few.

                Two guys come in front of her, presenting their hard cocks to Kay and she’s only too happy to take each one in her mouth, desperately trying to give one of her great blowjobs against the fucking she’s taking from behind. It feels good, it’s a typical drunk shag as the guy behind her goes deep, hard and relentless. Kay is busy with the two cocks in front of her face when she feels the guy behind withdraw, then she feels another pair of hands on her arse but these are tilting her over so Kay obliges and turns over on to her back. The guy next in line lifts Kays legs up and rests each ankle over his shoulders, then pushes himself inside and the solid fucking starts over again. The guy who was shagging Kay has now come round to the front of the desk and presents Kay with his aching hard cock. As Kay is fucked deep from one end, she doesn’t have to try too hard to just open her mouth and let the first guy cum in her mouth. Only a few minutes later the second guy is getting close to cumming and he grunts loudly as Kay feels him slow down and throb inside her pussy.

                It’s only her first week in the new office and she’s keen to get to know her colleagues. When the guys ask her out for a few drinks at some local bars Kay thinks it will be a good opportunity to get to know them, plus should be a good laugh as they’re a decent bunch and fairly fit – something she noticed when she went for her interviews and caught a few of them checking her out as she walked through the office.

                At this point, the guys start to move in and begin moving their hands over Kay’s sexiest parts, running up her thighs, around her nipples and up her neck. A hand runs up towards her pussy and Kay is distracted for a second before concentrating again on the pair of cocks which are now hard in front of her. Kay squats down and takes each cock in her mouth in turn, taking them as deep as she can and slowly stroking the shaft of both cocks. Kay has a hunger for a hard cock that is impossible to match and the thought of having two in front of her to work with just gets her wetter. It’s the first time in a long time that she’s felt another cock to her husbands and she finds herself taking note of how they feel between her fingers, how each of them tastes and how each guy reacts differently to what she does to give them each the wank and blowjob that she’s so damn good at.

                Before she knows it, she’s lifted off the desk as the two guys she was sucking off pull her round to the other side of the desk. One guy sits on a chair so Kay climbs on top of him and slides down on his big cock. He’s the perfect height to lick and bite her nipples so Kay starts riding him, sliding one hand down to her pussy so she can play with herself. If she’s going to make each of these guys cum she may as well make sure she cums herself! Kay has fantasised about being with several guys many times before, so the fact that she’s now actually doing it means it doesn’t take long for her to feel a huge orgasm shooting through her body. Kay screams loud when she cums, and this does nothing more than really get the guys going. The last guy, who hasn’t fucked her yet, is getting frustrated so he moves around behind Kay, licks his fingers and slides them down to her arse. As he pushes a finger in her arse he can feel the other guys cock moving in and out of her pussy. Kay takes her time to get used to the feeling but the rhythm of the cock in her pussy and the finger in her arse gives her waves of pleasure and she rides even faster. As expected, the guy behind her stands up to adjust his height and nudges Kays arsehole with his cock. He pushes inside slowly, knowing that he needs to let her get used to it, but doesn’t take too long before he’s as far in as he can manage. Now the three of them, Kay and her two colleagues, begin to move together. There’s no rhythm as each of them tries awkwardly to service their own pleasure. Kay is doing her best to give each guy the fuck of his life, pushing back with her arse to let the guy fucking it get a little deeper, whilst at the same time trying to slide down the cock in her pussy so that guy can feel how wet she is. Within a few minutes both guys are groaning and driving their cocks deeper and deeper before finally throbbing and filling Kay with cum.

                With the interesting bit over, Kay pulls herself together, grabs her clothes and jumps in a cab. Keen to get home to tell Bee all about her dream-cum-true night!

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                  I love the warm feeling of being inside a squirterHow to squirt…

                  Thursday, November 22nd, 2012

                  Anyway, you’ll start getting this “I need to pee” sensation. But anytime you get that, that’s just your body making, uh, whatever it’s made out of, and it wanting to come out. So just keep going, and when it gets really intense, stop pressing with your fingers and rather than try and hold back, just push out instead. (It’s kind of weird to do the first time, I know.) If that doesn’t work, go back to doing whatever you were doing until it’s even more intense 🙂 You don’t always squirt at the exact same moment that you orgasm either.

                  For me it often happens if I force myself to keep going after I’ve come the first time and have some more orgasms… it’s like my body is more prepared the second or third time around. Lots of girls can do it the first time, though, so maybe don’t worry about that.

                  Anyway, good luck, I hope you end up exhausted and with soaking wet sheets 😉

                  (I’ve read lots of girls say that they’ve only squirted with a partner but they can’t do it to themselves, so maybe you’ll end up discovering it that way!) But it’s basically like this I guess:

                  You can actually go kinda hard and fast…

                  I love the warm feeling of being inside a squirter
                  How to squirt for girls makesmegasp:

                  If it helps, go pee beforehand. Or try doing it in the bathtub. Anyway it’s totally normal to kind of psyche-out about it… it took me a bunch of trying. Even now it’s still pretty random whether it happens or not. Also, it seems like some girls always squirt, some never ever do, some can but haven’t yet, some do sometimes, some only with other people, some only by themselves… so it’s no biggie.

                  [reblog it if you think it’s good?]

                  Obviously cos you’re you and not someone else it’s kinda harder to get the angle right.

                  OK, so tons of girls have messaged me asking how they can squirt when they masturbate. Rather than flood (haha) your dashes with a zillion replies, I thought I’d just try writing this one thing.

                  …but, you know…. deeper. I guess if you’re not used to penetration it’ll definitely take some getting used to, but I’m gonna guess you are. Although, totally rub your clit too!

                  Some girls can squirt just from rubbing their clit but I think penetration super-helps. This is where you’re aiming for…

                  So first of all, I’m not a world expert. I’ve had about a zillion orgasms, but I’ve only squirted maybe-20 times tops. (Though it’s happening more often…) And I only know about my own body. But anyway.

                  Another thing that helps is if you tilt your hips a bit, so your knees are closer to your chest, kinda helps with the angle 🙂

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                    Instructions: Tie her hands Peel those knickers off her ass and…

                    Monday, November 19th, 2012


                    1. Tie her hands
                    2. Peel those knickers off her ass and down to her knees, slowly
                    3. Open her legs and take her with your tongue until she starts to shake.
                    4. Then pause, and spank her.
                    5. Then take her with your fingers until she is on the edge.
                    6. Then pause, then use the crop.
                    7. Then repeat 2-5 until she is a gibbering mess and begs for you to release her
                    8. Then and only then, do you let her come. shecalledmesir:
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