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lumieres-home: She was told to go sit in her corner and so she…

Friday, February 23rd, 2018

He watched from afar, just watched.


She was told to go sit in her corner and so she did. Very happily indeed did she go to her corner. Up went her nighty, down came her hand, in went her fingers. And then out and back in, over and over again till the sounds of her moans and her cunt juices squishing blended into one. The loudest moan, when it came, was broken by the sounds of squishing.

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    asshipstits: hotselfshots: dirtyberd: nymphoninjas: Waiting…

    Sunday, January 21st, 2018


    Feel free to submit your pictures at


    submission sunday starts out on a high note. good gosh, this picture literally makes my mouth water. her long blonde hair, tan lines, perfect ass, and posture. i wish i could see this pose from the other side. i love to make her wait, wait for my hand to touch her, my belt to whip her, and my mouth to taste her. thanks so much for sharing berd, now you’ve got me all worked up. 



    Now back to your scheduled program.

    Sorry to interrupt Sit on my Face Sunday but I think you’ll forgive me for this photo of yours truly. Waiting for your mouth, a spanking, some fingers, a dick, whatever you have in store for me.

    (via TumbleOn)

    Waiting like a good girl.

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      Just looking at his beautiful cock makes me drool, I want to…

      Wednesday, November 29th, 2017

      When he knows that I’m his, I’m no longer pretending to beg, but I’m truly asking for it from the bottom of my heart does he let me indulge myself with him. kasamisa:

      Just looking at his beautiful cock makes me drool, I want to taste to taste it, feel it pounding down my throat and he knows it. I can see it in his eyes.

      Me lets me touch it, caress it with my fingers but not with my lips he forbids me from tasting that heavenly nectar from my fingertips. 

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        Instructions: Tie her hands Peel those knickers off her ass and…

        Sunday, November 12th, 2017


        1. Tie her hands
        2. Peel those knickers off her ass and down to her knees, slowly
        3. Open her legs and take her with your tongue until she starts to shake.
        4. Then pause, and spank her.
        5. Then take her with your fingers until she is on the edge.
        6. Then pause, then use the crop.
        7. Then repeat 2-5 until she is a gibbering mess and begs for you to release her
        8. Then and only then, do you let her come. shecalledmesir:

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          inalloftheways: My cock was straining at my pants as you…

          Saturday, September 16th, 2017

          “I know, but… now that Im h—” 

          “Your punishment, my love, is to go to that nice lady behind the counter and tell her every fucking detail of this. Tell her how you took me in an alley to suck my cock, but you were thinking about her and her hips wrapped around your face. Tell her how I found out and tell her how you begged me with your tongue for mercy.”

          Your eyes rolled back and you groaned into me as you worked my cock more and your hands dropped to your flushed and drenched clit. I pushed you away and tucked my cock back into my jeans. I pulled you up, freeing your hands and knees from their bonds, and smoothed out your hair and clothes.

          I planted a deep kiss on your lips and tasted my salty precum off your tongue. “Then, my love, you will slide her our room key and walk away.”

          I left you there to collect yourself and strolled out of the alley into the busy daylight.

          Now you had something to be scared of.

          “Isn’t my cock enough?” Another sharp tug shakes loose a cry from your throat. ”Isn’t it?”

          You look up through soaked eyes “It is.”

          “It is what?”

          “It is enough.”

          I stare at you intently and release you. I guide the head of my cock to your lips. “Then take it.”  I say, gently.

          You slide the head of my cock across your lips tongue, sobbing, overjoyed. Between bobs and strokes, you tilt your face towards me, smiling content with your prize.

          “You might wipe that smile off your face, love. You don’t think that a little tug of your hair is enough to make amends for this, do you? Especially since you have what you want most right now.”

          You shake your head with me buried all the way in your throat. You plead with me using your eyes and fingers and tongue and I moan (you are very good at what you do) but I’m not cracking.


          “Oh? You thought I didn’t notice?” Obviously nothing was coming to mind.

          “Back at the hotel. The girl behind the counter. I could practically smell you staring at her.”

          I interrupted you with a sharp tug at the back of your hair. You winced and tried to shake away from my grip, but I wasn’t let go until you looked up at me with tearing eyes. Your eyes glinted fire at me as I leaned my face down to yours.

          “I caught you, love.”

          I could see that you were searching for your sin. Your eyes became wide, lost between pain and panic. My fingers gripped tighter. A small gasp escaped your lips and reverberated off the walls around us.

          I saw the moment flash in your eyes; shame flushed through your cheeks, but it was more than that: the shame shot straight through you and was now beading up the lips of your pussy.

          Guilty… and aching for it.

          I leaned in further, right to your ears and growled. “You’ve been clawing at me all morning, you fucking whore. You want my cock because that will satisfy you enough… but I know you wish you were tasting her off of me. You weren’t going to share that fantasy, love?”

          The sharp sting of my cinch gave way to a dull ache. You were torn between repent or rejoice: if you confess, how will you be punished?  Maybe you’ll get fucked and choked so hard you can’t breathe. Maybe you’ll be left in this alley, hands bound, alone and soaked to your thighs, whimpering. Maybe a slut like you would love that.

          But maybe you won’t get anything at all.

          My cock was straining at my pants as you started tugging tentatively at my belt. 

          “I’m scared, love.”

          I barely contained my smile; the fear in your eyes was only making me harder.  ”This was your idea.” I said, helping you with the latch. You slid your hands into my underwear and found me, thickening and leaky with precum. You pulled me out and started to stroke me. 

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            meezymcfly: Annnnnd grabby de boobies! hand bra pics where you…

            Wednesday, August 9th, 2017

            Annnnnd grabby de boobies!


            hand bra pics where you can see the nipples peeking throught the fingers are the best.

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              Sexy MILF Roxy strips off and fingers her pussy

              Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017

              Sexy MILF Roxy strips off and fingers her pussy

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                dylantrooper: share-bare: You invited your boss for burgers on…

                Saturday, March 8th, 2014

                Now she’s got his cock stiff, her nipples are hard, and you know she’s creaming.  Neither of them are looking to you for consent, they’ve become two self-consenting adults.  Oh well, job security.

                You invited your boss for burgers on the grill.  Your wife started flirting with him while you grilled; then she fed him pieces of steak, with her fingers and a smile.  At that point you knew how this would end.

                he gets raised you get raise


                “Let’s jump in the pool!”  She squealed.  “I didn’t bring a suit.”  He said.  “That’s ok, we always skinny dip anyway.”  She laughed as she stripped naked in front of him.


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                  I bet those fingers feel amazing in conjunction with that…

                  Friday, December 7th, 2012

                  I bet those fingers feel amazing in conjunction with that stinging heated ass. tcactus:

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                    tiedupright: She gets so wet when she sucks my cock like this….

                    Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

                    She gets so wet when she sucks my cock like this. Ass in the air, body working to make her mouth please me. She knows as soon as I reach back, slip her panties down, and insert my fingers, that she is about to get her face fucked. Such a good way to pull her eager throat onto my hard cock. Soon she will cum, and I will shortly follow.


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