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dirty slut whore  Kisses Lady Barbara dressmatureslutwhore:

Thursday, September 6th, 2018

dirty slut whore  Kisses Lady Barbara dressmatureslutwhore:


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    hotwifekristine: #ff  #fuckfridays, #fuckofffriday, #TGIF  Hope…

    Wednesday, August 15th, 2018


    #ff  #fuckfridays, #fuckofffriday, #TGIF  Hope everyone has a great weekend, I know I will



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      My wife is a wonderful lady

      Sunday, July 22nd, 2018

      A few days ago, I stumbled across this website. It’s about people who love
      going to public parks to be watched or have others join
      in. I was surprised to find that not only was there a
      particular term for something I’ve been into for years,
      but that it was more popular than I imagined.

      I’m not sure if dogging fans in Britain might be
      interested in my experiences over here in Canada, but I
      thought I’d share my most memorable experience. I’ve
      introduced a number of ladies to it over the years,
      most just showing off from the car, a few, much, much
      further. My most memorable experience though was with
      my wife, in the summer of 2011.

      Now I’m a very open person with quite a lot of unusual
      experiences in my life. Most from just taking a few
      extra risks now and then. My wife is a wonderful lady,
      but for the most part, “vanilla sex” is more her style.
      She manages to surprise me a few times a year when her
      hormones get the better of her. Nothing to severe
      though. My greatest weaknesses are voyeurism and
      exhibitionism, so when she does something along these
      lines, its always a memory that sticks.

      Well, last summer, a friend of hers got married. A
      couple of us husbands were the chauffeurs, moving the
      group of them around in mini vans from location to
      location. We’d get a call on the cell now and then and
      go get them and bring them to the next location.

      Well just after 2am, got the final call and went down
      and got my portion of the very drunk ladies and started
      dropping them off. The ladies were pretty much falling
      out of the minivan when we got to their houses, so with
      a few I got to help them to the door and in. I have to
      admit, I was getting pretty damn horny because there
      were a lot of very friendly kisses goodnight.

      Well, the final drop was a bit on the outskirts of
      town. Something I didn’t mention is that the bridal
      party was all dressed up like the bride, school girl
      uniforms with balloons stuffed in their tops. By the
      time I picked them up all the balloons were gone. Well,
      this last friend was actually the one whose minivan we
      were driving. We dropped her off and switched back to
      our car that we’d left there earlier. As her friend got
      to her door she made some comment about wearing me out
      and my wife in a very drunken loud voice said “oh yeah,
      for sure”.

      Now my wife was completely sloshed. She was yapping
      away, and you had to wonder if the language she was
      speaking was even english. On the good side though, we
      were driving down the highway back into town and I
      ended up fingering her pussy and even getting her
      blouse open so I could fondle her tits. I’ll admit, it
      was hard traveling on the highway with my fingers in my
      wife’s pussy. It was well worth it though. She just
      smiled and moaned.

      Well, as we crossed the bridge back into town, I got a
      wicked urge. Along the river are a few parks that I’ve
      had fun in before. One in particular is the best. I
      took a little detour and went to my favorite one. The
      thing about this one is that its got two small parking
      lots that you can view from the road so you can see if
      anyone is there. You cant see into the cars unless you
      are in the lot though. It also has a little wooded area
      between the two that is totally blocked off from the

      By this time it was a little after 3am. So I was happy
      to see a couple of trucks at the one parking lot. I
      didn’t want to freak my wife out, so I parked at the
      other. I parked right be the edge of the trees and was
      hoping whoever was on the other side might sneak up and
      watch us.

      She mumbled something I really couldn’t make out but we
      ended up having some fun in the front seat. I got her
      panties off and her blouse totally open and was
      enjoying her body to the fullest. Unfortunately, bucket
      seats aren’t the most enjoyable. I took a risk and got
      out of the car, went to her door and got her out as
      well. She was very accommodating and just went where I

      My big fear throughout all of this was doing something
      that would freak her out and make her want to go. The
      whole time I kept checking around hoping to see a face
      watching us, but without success. I took a big chance
      and guided her away from the car and down a small
      walkway. It goes into the wooded area to a big clearing
      by the river. Its a picnic area with a few tables.

      I was surprised when she didn’t resist at all. I kept
      stopping to kiss her and grope her. Trying to keep her
      occupied. We managed to make it to the clearing and a
      table. I was so glad when we got there that I just went
      to town on her.

      I got her blouse and bra off before putting her down on
      the table and eating out her pussy. I managed to get
      her skirt off while eating her. I got her nice and
      excited and then stood up, pulled her to the edge of
      the table, dropped my pants and pushed my cock up
      inside of her. I was so excited at this point that I
      had to take it slow. I wanted it to last. She looked so
      amazing stretched out on the table, her breasts swaying
      as I pushed in and out of her.

      Throughout it all I kept looking around hoping to see
      someone watching us. I finally did spot some movement
      far to the right, by the walkway going to the other
      parking lot. It was pretty dark so I couldn’t make out
      any details. Knowing that someone could see her, that
      got me so excited I had to stop and play with her to
      keep from cumming.

      I wanted to show off more so I grabbed her ass and
      pulled her up, making her stand up and turn around and
      bend over the table. I kept her far enough back that I
      hoped he could see her breasts swaying as I pushed back
      into her. She had her arms crossed on the edge of the
      table, with her head lying on her hands, holding her

      I guess that was enough to entice our fan over. He
      walked over slowly, pausing frequently. At the time I
      was hoping he’d keep his distance. Get close enough for
      a good view in the dark, but far enough that she
      wouldn’t notice him. He sat at the next picnic table to
      our right, watching for a bit. At a point, he stood up
      and started playing with himself and moved closer. I
      was thinking, no, she’ll freak, stay back. I even used
      one of my hands to try to motion him to stay.

      I guess she must have heard him, because her head, that
      was facing left, moved down and then over to the other
      side. It stayed on her hands the whole time. There is
      no way she couldn’t have seen him, but there wasn’t so
      much as a movement or sound other than her head
      turning. I was wondering if her eyes were closed or
      what. Because of her hair and my position behind her, I
      couldn’t see her face.

      I guess our fan could, because he smiled and moved
      right up beside her. There this stranger was,
      masturbating right beside my wife’s face. It was easy
      to see that he was so close he was touching her face. I
      should say that my wife will be the first to admit she
      doesn’t like giving blowjobs. In all the years we’ve
      been together, I can count how many times I’ve been
      blessed to receive a bj on only one hand. She started
      to move and I guessed our fun was over. Looked like our
      fan had pushed a bit too far.

      I’ll admit, I didn’t want it to end, so I stayed inside
      of her and backed up as she put her hands on the edge
      of the table and pushed her upper body up. I’m not sure
      if she was trying to call it quits or just wanted some
      distance, but all that ended up changing was our
      position. Her arms were fully extended, she remained
      bent at the waist and her head dangled down between her
      outstretched arms, that were pressed against the table.

      Our fan was annoying me. He wouldn’t let up. He did end
      up getting her to move her arm so that he was sitting
      against the table in between her arms. I ended up
      saying out loud “Don’t try to get her to suck, just
      enjoy the show”, and he seemed to finally let up. He
      leaned there jerking off while I pumped into her

      I was doing everything in my power not to cum. I’d
      pause, do some hard thrusts, change it up a bit. I was
      so worried about cumming, I’ll admit, it distracted me
      more than a little. It was during one of my pauses,
      where I stopped because I was too close to cumming,
      that my brain finally woke up and noticed that I had
      stopped but that she was still moving.

      She was swaying gently back and forth, front to back.
      It was then I also noticed that the guy in front of us
      had his hands on the edge of the table. He wasn’t
      jacking off anymore. Again, because of her hair I
      couldn’t see a damn thing. I just stood still and let
      her do all the work, enjoying what I could see. My wife
      loves to have her ass squeezed during sex, so I just
      enjoyed the show and squeezed her cheeks as she swayed
      back and forth.

      I got into it and got a chance to look around and
      discovered we had another fan. When he saw me watching,
      I guess he took it as an ok and walked right over. He
      was a really tall burly looking guy. It was a little
      funny seeing him kneel down and look at her from
      underneath. Had this weird curious expression on his
      face. I’m guessing this was a first for him.

      I thought he was kneeling just having a look and I was
      very surprised when I felt his hand under her, at her
      pussy, feeling me go in her. I moved my hand under her
      and felt him playing with her clit. I’ll admit, I
      couldn’t hold it back any more. I stood up straight and
      just started pounding my cock into my wife. I didn’t
      last long before I gripped her hips, thrust as far in
      as I could go and just shot all of my cum deep inside

      I didn’t want to pull out. I didn’t want to give her a
      reason to stand up and end it all. I stayed inside her,
      but began to go limp, despite how excited I was. I
      didn’t want her to back up. If anything, I was dying to
      see her with this guys cock in her mouth. I stayed
      pushed against her and used my fingers instead of my
      cock. I was worried that if I took my hand off her
      she’d stand up and that would be the end of it. It kind
      of felt like holding a bike with your hand, balancing
      it, knowing if you let go, it would fall over.

      Our new fan was seemed pretty interesting. He stayed on
      the ground the whole time and moved around so he could
      see her pussy. He even stuck a finger in her while my
      fingers were in her. He surprised the hell out of me
      when he stuck his face against her pussy and started
      lapping her up. The guy had huge hands and put each of
      them on her ass cheeks and just went to town eating
      her. It took me a moment to realize I wasn’t touching

      I was shocked, amazed and just totally blown away. I
      backed up a step, then moved to the left a bit. I was
      on her left side. It was an amazing scene. I even got
      to move right up to her head, knelt down and got to see
      the wonderful scene of her sucking a cock. Her eyes
      were closed and she was swaying back and forth, pretty
      much going from about 1/2 way down and then back to the
      tip. The guy had a fairly thick cock but not too long.

      While I was lying on my side, watching her from down
      below, she was about 1/2 way down on the guy and her
      eyes shot open. I was thinking, oh god, he’s shooting
      his cum into her mouth. She had never had a guy,
      including myself, cum in her mouth.

      By this point I was semi hard and playing with myself.
      I saw her mouth try to open, but I guess she couldn’t
      move. I was waiting to hear her gag or choke, but not a
      sound. Then her eyes closed again and her lips wrapped
      back around the guy and she went back to her swaying

      It was only a few moments after that that I realized
      her swaying was more pronounced than it had been. I
      leaned back and looked back at the guy behind her and
      realized he was standing. I looked down and realized
      that his pants were around his ankles. I guess all the
      blood was somewhere other than my brain because it took
      me a few moments to realize he was fucking her.

      He wasn’t being gentle about it either. He was
      thrusting into her hard taking lard hard deep strokes.
      He was pushing so hard that her arms couldn’t hold her
      and she ended up wrapping her arms around the guy in
      front of her. He kept at it, bit by bit, pushing her
      further and further to the point where the guy in front
      of her had to get out of the way and she ended up
      pressed right against the edge of the picnic table.

      She’s only 5’4″ and this guy was huge, I’d guess even
      over 6 and a half feet tall. He was pounding into her
      with abandon. At one point he flipped her over and
      pounded away while sucking on her tits. It was amazing
      seeing his huge hands squeeze her breasts.

      I guess he didn’t like the angle or something because
      he picked her up, moved a few steps to the grass, set
      her down without pulling out of her and fucked her like
      a jackhammer. The whole time she kept her eyes closed,
      but the look on her face was pure pleasure. Well,
      except when he went too deep. Her eyes stayed closed
      and all you could hear were his grunts.

      I couldn’t resist, I got down behind them and watched
      them. The guy was a fucking mutant. He was huge, and he
      just pounded and pounded away at her.

      When he finally came, he shoved all the way into her
      and his body jerked like he was having an epileptic
      fit. When he was done, he didn’t waste any time, he
      just stood up, pulled up his pants, took a long look
      down at her and walked away. He never said a word.

      When he was gone, my wife just lay there with her legs
      spread eagle. I could see that her pussy lips weren’t
      closing all the way, a lovely little “O” still very
      visible. Our other fan had sat around watching this
      pounding, the whole time jerking away on his cock. I
      guessed my earlier thought about him cumming in her
      mouth was not correct. I guessed the shocked expression
      on her face was probably from when the other guy had
      entered her.

      Its funny, my first thoughts at that point were “damn,
      why didn’t I bring a camera, or a video camera”. If I
      had, trust me, I would have jacked myself raw every day
      since, watching the video.

      I was just enjoying the view when our other fan stood
      up and stood between her legs. I was surprised he
      didn’t kneel down and start going at her. Instead he
      jacked off faster and faster, staring down at her
      pussy. I moved from behind him over to her side and
      watched the show. He finally hit the point he was
      waiting for and shot spurt after spurt on her.

      I think he was aiming for her pussy and he did get some
      in the hole that was still open. He also got it all
      over her tummy and legs. I think the guy had been
      saving up for a while.

      By this time I was hard as a rock. I flipped my wife
      over and pushed myself into her pussy while she lied on
      her tummy. Our fan stayed and watched while I grinded
      my cock in and out of my wife. I’ll admit, thinking on
      what I’d seen, I didn’t last long at all and ended up
      quickly cumming again inside her. I guess our fan
      mistook what I was doing because when I was done he
      asked, “Can I fuck her ass too?” This was something she
      had never done, but it wasn’t something I thought I
      should let him try.

      At this point, I decided it was time to leave. I got
      her to stand and then went over to the picnic table to
      get her clothes. When I turned around after that brief
      moment, our fan was in the middle of a deep kiss with
      my wife, his hand buried between her legs, both of them
      standing. I guess it was a goodbye thing, because he
      did that for a little bit and then walked away.

      I got her clothes back on after that and we headed on
      home. She was pretty much half asleep and I cleaned her
      up when we were finally back. She was out like a light
      as soon as she hit the bed. The next day, she pretty
      much spent the day in bed, moaning from her massive

      She’s never mentioned anything about that night and
      we’ve never repeated it. I’ll never forget it though.




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        freexxx365: Pinky June, Gina – Alone together Two lovers, an…

        Saturday, July 7th, 2018


        Pinky June, Gina – Alone together

        Two lovers, an empty room – they need nothing else, they are finally alone, together. Gina frees Pinky’s perfect body from the tight black dress and proceeds to worship it, savouring every millimeter of her pertness. 

        The anticipation of the girls exploring their tight holes is quite staggering as they share teasing kisses, building each other’s desires and wetness. 

        Gina hungrily laps at her partner’s juicy pussy, gazing deep into her eyes much of the time. Pinky enjoys fingering Gina as she lays face down on the bed, her lovely bum pointing up in the air as she grabs hold of the covers and moans.


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          s-exploits: herdirtylittleheart: This is one of my favourite…

          Monday, June 26th, 2017


          (Big kisses and thank you’s to the gorgeous girl who took it for me.)


          (Edit: The naked ballerina has decided she likes your attention…. you can follow her at s-exploits)

          Yours truly.

          This is one of my favourite ever submissions. <3


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            ♥ girl-kisses-girl: Picture sent…

            Thursday, November 29th, 2012

            Picture sent by


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              sharemygirlfriend: As I start to pump into my girlfriend’s…

              Tuesday, November 27th, 2012


              As I start to pump into my girlfriend’s arse, the guy in her pussy starts to cum and the other one kisses her passionately – it’s so hot

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                hotxxxchicks: bakedandblown: perfect … I will reblog every…

                Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012


                perfect … I will reblog every single time


                mmm yep kisses ramona.

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                  Come and knock on our door We’ve been waiting for you…

                  Sunday, October 7th, 2012

                  Come and knock on our door
                  We’ve been waiting for you
                  Where the kisses are hers and hers and his
                  Three’s company, too!

                  You’ll see that life is a ball again and
                  laughter is callin’ for you
                  Down at our rendezvous,
                  Three’s company, too

                  ~TV Theme Three’s Company

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                    lopez-g-rodriguez: Step 1: First Contact You want to make the…

                    Wednesday, September 12th, 2012

                    opening, and inner lips

                    top to bottom. Take it slow, and don’t rush!

                    4. Next, do the same thing on the right side

                    from your tongue.

                    2. VERY SLOWLY, lick upwards, running past her vaginal

                    1. Perform a series of kisses on her left outer lip, from


                    tongue from the left side to the right side of her


                    kiss the bottom of the lip)

                    your first lick, and it’ll leave her wanting more.

                    4. Keep on going up until your tongue is directly over

                    clitoral hood…slight stimulation, but you’re going to

                    1. Place your tongue on her frenulum (the base of her

                    Step 1: First Contact

                    The Setup

                    3. Perform a series of kisses on her left inner lip, from

                    take it away

                    3. As you past the clitoral head, lighten up the pressure

                    5. Now move your tongue downwards towards the base.

                    Apply more pressure on the shaft, and slowly move your

                    and vulva.

                    The Long Lick

                    don’t want to kiss at the top, leave a huge gap, and

                    5. Take about 1 second per kiss, and try to cover the

                    underneath the hood with your tongue at this point.

                    6. After you’ve reached the frenulum, let your tongue

                    rest upon the entire length of her vaginal entrance

                    2. Next, do the same thing on the right side

                    her clitoral hood. You should feel her clitoral shaft

                    Setup will build more sexual tension and anticipation for

                    You want to make the first lick to be a memorable one. The

                    top to bottom.

                    entire area with your kisses (in other words, you

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