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Imagine the day your wife is this comfortable with your new…

Friday, February 15th, 2019

Imagine the day your wife is this comfortable with your new lifestyle!


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    To The Dreamers

    Friday, November 30th, 2018

    How would that make you feel?

    I have thought about it a lot. It would actually feel liberating for me. Almost like I have set her free to truly be herself and I would feel that her love for me had somehow been holding her back and she is finally taking hold of freedom. Of course I would expect her to then do those things with me but that is a different topic. Freedom is a strange drug.

    To all the dreamers like me; Ever wonder what it would be like to see your wife finally take the plunge into the lifestyle and suddenly begin to do things to and with her lovers that she would never do with you?


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      busty brunette naked on street

      Thursday, July 26th, 2018

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        Re: Dreamers – I’m blessed to have a wife in the lifestyle with me now. When I met her she’d only slept with 2 men in her life. She was very conservative in bed and sex was full of guilt and shame for her. I kid you not I did not even get to see her body the first 3 times we had sex. With a lot of listening and patience she’s really opened up now. It is very thrilling to watch her explore her sexuality. With each guy she is learning more and empowering herself. It is such a turn on!

        Tuesday, July 10th, 2018

        I am jealous I have to say.


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          im in a relationship and my girlfriend and i both want to swing, but we dont know where to go, who to ask, or how to ask?? any tips??

          Thursday, May 3rd, 2018

          Second, there are some websites you can cruise around and find like minded folks who you have compatible desires with. Investigate together, it will be a huge turn on itself! There are a lot of fakes out there too so be careful. I would honestly reccomend searching for swing clubs in your state or a neighboring state. Check out their calendar, find a party you are interested in and GO! A swing club is probably the best for low pressure, no expectations fun. Once people know you are newbies they will fall over themselves to make you comfortable. You can just go, check out the scene, do nothing with other folks or go completely nuts.

          Be prepared to deal with jealousy on some level and be willing to admit and talk about it. If you do not communicate well now, and can not talk open and honestly about what you both want out of the deal there will be trouble later.

          Be safe, be honest, have fun! I am starting this process all over again myself after years out of the lifestyle and I can tell you half the fun is the build up. Enjoy it!

          I have plenty of advice. The first is, do not rush into anything. Play with the idea, talk about it, fantasize about it, share your detailed thoughts about it.

          Most of all, don’t pressure her. Let her lead the way because if she doesn’t have fun your first time will be your last time.


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            © Crown of Sympathy- featured TumblrEvery new follower I get I…

            Thursday, October 5th, 2017

            © Crown of Sympathy- featured Tumblr
            Every new follower I get I look at their blog. Early this morning I was delighted to find the Tumblr of this randy couple living in Europe. After contacting them and asking a few questions they kindly told me they are just a real couple, exploring the D/s lifestyle and posting it on the web. I find this truly exciting and followed them right away. You should do the same! lightworship:

            FREE LIVE CHAT HERE!

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              To be even a small participant in a woman’s pleasure is a…

              Monday, December 5th, 2011

              To be even a small participant in a woman’s pleasure is a true gift. I think that is why some men want to live the hotwife lifestyle. We are diehard romantics at heart and want nothing more than her pleasure whether its given by us or someone else, we like to see her happy.

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