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Nicole Neal, panties match the sneaks!

Thursday, September 20th, 2018

Nicole Neal, panties match the sneaks!


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    This is a great story! Creative and wordy

    Friday, September 14th, 2018

    This is a great story! Creative and wordy:

    “Sorry?” she said.

    The Claytons had a big cabin located deep in the woods. It was hard to find, but once you did, you didn’t want to leave. 

    “You?” she asked.

    The guest list changed every November. The Claytons liked to collect friends and match them based on interests. One year they invited only conservatives, another it was parents, over 60, under 30, artists, military — they often challenged themselves at the beginning of the year with a category and force themselves to meet and befriend 12 people in the next 11 months that fit the description.


    He moved up, sucking her clit and letting two fingers slide into her. She grinded her pussy against his mouth, rubbing her clit up and back as he licked. She was so wet, he felt her dripping down his palm and wrist. He fucked her harder, trying to make her cum.

    “Dessert,” he said, smiling, licking down her stomach, pulling her panties down as he made his way to the edge of the table.

    Thanksgiving lunch was a big affair. The Claytons’ table was huge — it seated 14 — and it was full of food that was passed around, buffet style. Jason wasn’t sure he had ever seen a bigger turkey. It was the centerpiece of the table, and took up a good section of it. 

    Jason laughed. “I think you were staring at me.”

    “Of getting caught!”


    Jason was 27 and unsure about his future. He never loved business journalism. He thought the beat was mainly boring stories about boring people. He wanted to write about something more interesting. He wanted adventure. Maybe he’d go back to college. Maybe he’d move to a new city. He didn’t know. He just knew that if he didn’t approach this latest setback as a new challenge, it would depress the shit out of him.


    “Good,” he said.

    They had cleared out a small section on the kitchen table, and Jason had Hope’s black tank top pulled up to her chin. He squeezed her tits, which fit perfectly in his big hands. 

    “That was different,” she said, finally.


    “No,” she said, suddenly, grabbing his head and pulling him up. He reluctantly complied.

    Hope smiled. “Well, we broke up for a month our sophomore year, so there was one more guy. But that’s it. I am a good girl.”

    “Ha, not. Not at all. Actually, I was sneaking down here to do the same.”

    “Maybe,” Hope said, blushing.

    “Yes,” Jason said, making eye contact again and causing Hope to blush shyly. “Find someone you like, and fuck them. The thrill of almost getting caught is what makes it so hot.”

    “Kitchen in a mountain cabin with 12 people asleep upstairs?” Hope said, biting her lip.

    “It’s easy to be sneaky.”

    “Oh, uh, stomach. Tits. Either,” she said, suddenly remembering where she was. Cumming was always her favorite part, both hers and his. 

    Jason handed her a towel and she cleaned off. They sort of nervously laughed, unsure of what to say to one another.

    “You too,” Hope said, smiling. “Sweet dreams!”

    He was a hedge fund manager, and she was an art curator at a museum. The cabin was their getaway place, but it was bigger than some lodges.

    “No!” Hope said.

    Hope’s tongue tasted like pumpkin. It made Jason smile.

    “Well, yes. I am. Festive. Yes. But tired.” Jason smiled, putting his empty glass down. “It was nice meeting you.”

    She dug her heels into his ass and pulled him deep as his dick continued its urgent exploration. She bit his neck as she started to cum, letting out a quiet, “Oh fuck, oh fuck.” Jason pushed deep in her, filling her up, using one hand to support himself and the other to cover her mouth. The feel of his hand restraining her made it even better, and she felt a second wave hit her, harder than the first. Hope let out a quieted moanish scream.



    Hope was a new friend. She was a 22-year-old intern at the museum. She was young, yes, but bright and charming, much older than her years suggested. She had a vaguely European accent and smoked expensive cigarettes. She always wore skirts and chic clothing. Her brown hair was long, but it was usually tastefully pinned back. Men were crazy about her, of course, but she was picky about whom she allowed to pursue her.

    Jason grabbed her hips and pinned her down, fucking her hard, his cock slipping almost all the way out before slamming back into her. His legs were flat on the ground. The table was the perfect height.

    “… and I haven’t talked to him since,” Hope said.

    Jason sat down on the couch beside Hope, handing her the glass of wine that she had asked for. They were both full from the big meal.

    Hope smiled, her mouth full of pie, she struggled to swallow the big bite. “Yes, sorry. I must look like a pig.”

    “Well you can join me if you want. I only bite pie.”

    She had no doubt Jason could be a patient lover, but that was not what tonight was about. They both wanted it hard and fast, the first rule of public sex.

    “Yes, it almost makes up for you staring at me all night.”

    “Yes,” Jason said.

    “You’ve never had sex in public? Really?”

    Jason pulled her down and Hope slipped to her knees, pushing her tits together for a better target. It was the first time she had see his cock. It was shiny in the dim kitchen light. The head was red and large, and Jason’s hand jerked at it roughly.

    “Well,” Hope said, twirling her finger around the edge. “Does it have to be, like, in a store? Can’t it be anywhere that someone might catch you?”

    Their generosity of square footage was matched by their generosity of friendship. Every Thanksgiving, they invited a dozen friends to stay with them for the weekend. They bought the food, and the guests helped with the cooking. There was plenty of wine and space for everyone.

    “Yeah? What are you.”

    He moved to his knees, pulling her ass so it partially hung off, eliciting a whimper from Hope. He pulled her legs over his shoulder and buried his face between her legs, letting his tongue slide deep into her pussy. It was wet and hot and he lapped at it, enjoying her scent and taste. He felt her hands in his hair and he looked up, seeing her arch her back and pull on her own nipples.

    “Good different?” he asked.

    Hope settled back, in bliss, barely noticing Jason continued to pump in her. It felt great, but she was spent and on another planet. “Where do you want me to cum?” he asked.

    “Three years. I lost my virginity to him,” Hope said, laughing. “Sorry. Wine.”

    “I am many things, but I am not creepy.”


    “Of what?”

    “Good. Good to know. I will keep my fingers over here, though, just in case.

    “Maybe to you.”

    “I was,” Hope said, smiling. “I kept wondering why the creepy guy was looking at me.”

    “That’s not that bad.”


    “Have you seen yourself?” he asked. “I just had sex with you. There’s no way for it to be bad.”

    Through the silence and muffled moans, she could hear the squish of her cunt as he fucked her. The sound was almost as exquisite as the feel.

    For my friends who do not live in America, Thanksgiving is a holiday we will be having in three days, in which we eat lots of food and forget we stole our land from Indians. Enjoy and feel free to reblog if you want.


    Jason thought about that. “I can appreciate that. But I am not that good of a boy.”

    “Wow,” Hope said, smiling. “You ARE a bad boy.”

    Jason and Hope both arrived late Wednesday, and other than a cocktail before bed, they did not have a chance to talk to each other. Hope thought Jason was cute, in that hipster-college-professor way. Jason thought Hope was a vision in a tight skirt.


    This year it was single people. That used to be an easy category to fill, but it had become harder as the years passed. More and more friends moved on to relationships. They city was full of single people, but the Claytons did not know them.

    Hope sat across from him, just close enough for them to make the occasional flirty glances. They tried to speak, but it was hard to overcome the noise and distance. Hope caught Jason looking at her, and she smiled, blushing. “What?” she mouthed. Jason shrugged his shoulders and looked away. Later, as Jason was listening to the woman beside him talk about her cats, he glanced Hope’s way. She looked up at the same time and smiled again. “What?” she mouthed again. Jason just smiled back.

    “But you said you were going to bed,” Hope said.

    “Wow,” Jason said, pulling out the cranberries and potatoes from the fridge. They had already finished a pie and part of the turkey. “What an asshole. How long were you two together?”


    “Well, the trick is baby steps. You know, you don’t got to the mall and pick a dressing room. Start somewhere easier. You know, spontaneously. No thoughts. Just act.”

    “Next time?” he asked smiling. She smiled back.

    “No,” Hope said. “I mean, the idea is, you know, hot. But I’d be too afraid.”

    She heard him grunt and felt the cum hit her tits. She moaned as he unloaded on her, jerking his cock and letting it stream. She looked down and saw the faint orange of the leftover sweet potatoes mixing with his white cum.

    “Good?” he asked.

    “OK, let’s see. Uh, I have never … had sex in public.”

    “No,” Jason said, setting the food down on the kitchen table. “It’s cool. Wow. So, you are 22, dated him three years. Broke up two months ago. So … is he the only one you’ve been with?”

    “Oh, hi, uh, sorry, I didn’t think anyone else was up,” Jason said.


    Her bluntness excited him. He pulled his tshirt off his head and she fumbled with his pajamas. Finally he pulled them down with a tug and leaned down to bite her neck. She felt his teeth in her flesh, then the buck of his hips and, suddenly, he was inside of her. All the way. The sensation was incredible, and she bit her lip to stop from screaming.

    “I don’t want to cum that way,” she said. “This is my first time in public. I want to be fucked.”

    “Uh, charming. Charismatic. Festive.”

    “Just act, eh?” Hope said, taking a sip.

    “Yes. Yes, that’s a good example.”

    Hope smiled, sticking her finger into the sweet potatoes and smearing some on her nipples. “Still hungry?” she said. Jason smiled.

    “Maybe. But I can pretty loud.”

    “Great. Yes. Great different.”

    Jason noticed her immediately. He was a former business journalist who had met the Claytons through his previous life. He had recently been let go from his publication, thanks to the dying media industry, but his misfortune took away his conflict of interest and allowed him to accept the Claytons’ invitation. At least one good thing came out of this, he thought, as he stared at Hope from across the room.

    She blushed. “I liked public sex,” she said. “But next time let’s try the bed. The table is sort of hard.”

    “Sure. I am here, right?”

    Jason smiled back, taking another sip. “Yes. Sure. Public is anywhere out in the open. A park. A car. A …”

    He reached out with his tongue, letting just the tip swirl over the sweet potato-covered nipple. Hearing her moan, he moved his mouth over, sucking it hard and swallowing. He cupped her breast, pulling it up to his lips. When she was clean, he moved to the other.


    Jason took a drink.


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      tiedupright: She gets so wet when she sucks my cock like this….

      Saturday, September 8th, 2018

      She gets so wet when she sucks my cock like this. Ass in the air, body working to make her mouth please me. She knows as soon as I reach back, slip her panties down, and insert my fingers, that she is about to get her face fucked. Such a good way to pull her eager throat onto my hard cock. Soon she will cum, and I will shortly follow.



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        Love N from greekcouple slutty teasing in her ‘fuck…

        Saturday, September 8th, 2018


        n’s first gif

        panties or not?

        Love N from greekcouple slutty teasing in her ‘fuck me’ heels


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          showusyouriphone: Tits in bed. Topless babe tugging on her…

          Monday, September 3rd, 2018


          Tits in bed. Topless babe tugging on her panties iPhone self shot.


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            Cutie self-shooting without her panties

            Monday, August 27th, 2018

            Cutie self-shooting without her panties

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              elysa-exhib: OMG I lost my panties, lol Kiss (via…

              Monday, August 13th, 2018


              OMG I lost my panties, lol Kiss

              (via TumbleOn)

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                forhereyesonly: Boobie Fett. The best thing about this is the…

                Tuesday, August 7th, 2018

                The best thing about this is the costume correct armored panties.

                Boobie Fett.



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                  Thanks for posting my wife. The one standing in the mountains with her panties around her legs and then giving a blowjob beside it.

                  Wednesday, July 25th, 2018

                  Delighted – I hope that was an incredible blowjob with a fountain of cum as a result! Such a sexy pair! N x

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                    cupcakesandcum: “I bet I can make you cum right now.  Right…

                    Friday, July 20th, 2018

                    “Go take off your panties.  I want you to feel every drip of your cum on the walk home.”

                    “Remember when I had my cock deep inside you?  Remember when you begged me to go faster?”

                    “Yes.” She flushed at the memory, a soft pink hue rising with her heavy breaths and traveling up her chest to her cheeks.

                    She bit her lip and leaned forward.  She felt the friction of her panties on her clit.  His dirty words rang in her ears, pushing her closer to the edge of her cliff.  Her nipples were hard and poking through her sundress.  Just as she thought she couldn’t take any more he wrapped his fingers around her ankle and dropped them down to the bottom of her exposed foot.  He ran a single finger along her arch.  

                    She did as she was told.

                    He let her breathing calm before issuing another command.    

                    She stifled a moan as her body shot off like a rocket.  She rocked gently against the chair and let her panties ease the pressure in her clit.  She pressed down against the chair with one hand and he grabbed her other with his free one, clasping her tight and holding her in place as the waves crashed through her body.  Her toes curled and she watched through heavy lidded eyes as he smirked.  He always got his way.

                    “Tell me, fucktoy, would you like it if I pulled you up by your hair and pushed you into the glass?  Slid my cock into you before you even realized what was happening?  Would you like it if I ripped off those panties and lifted your dress so that old lady passing by with her walker and oxygen tank saw how slutty and wet your hungry cunt is?  How badly you want to be used?”

                    His voice was calm, though his eyes told a different story.  She could see the tent of his erection popping up through his jeans.  He was just as aroused as she.  Maybe more so.  She watched him press down on his jeans near the tip of his cock and she swore under her breath.  What she wouldn’t give for the same pleasure!  She replied, this time at a level louder than she should have.

                    He growled and she knew she’d hit a button.

                    “Don’t you dare move.  I didn’t hear you.  Who owns you?” 

                    “Y-you do, Sir.”  The residents of the adjourning tables turned to look at her.  She tried to ignore them but their stares just turned her on more.

                    “I’m going to fuck you to tears.  Until you don’t know if you’re begging me to stop or keep going.  Maybe I’ll shove my cock down your throat.  Feel you close around me just like your pussy does. I’m going to pinch your nipples between my fingers and twist.  I want you to feel me.  Who owns you, slut?”

                    She squirmed in her chair and studied him.  His green eyes shimmered with lust. 


                    “You were insatiable.”

                    “Good toy.  Good, girl.”

                    She felt her breath hitch and her pulse stammer.  Her pussy was streaming liquid which was pooling in the tiny fabric of her thong.  Her clit begged to be touched and she shifted just slightly, brushing the cotton fabric against her swollen nub and causing just a moment of relief followed by an even bigger longing. 

                    They sipped their espresso and nibbled on their bagels, but neither she nor he could keep from touching the other.  The cafe was full of the brunch crowd and people streamed in front of the window, walking up and down the busy street enjoying the fresh spring weather.

                    “You do,” she whispered.

                    “Two can play this game, sweetheart.  See that man across the street?  Even now his eyes are locked on me.  How would you like it if my eyes found him while you fucked me?  If I mouthed dirty words while your cock sliced in and out?  Would you like it if he watched me cum?  Knowing that both he and I were thinking of his cock instead of yours?”

                    “So were you.  You still are, aren’t you?  You’d love nothing more than if I took you right here.”

                    “You were so tight.  Your pussy was like a vice around my cock.  I felt like Superman inside you.  So hard.  Invincible.”

                    “I want you to cum, kitten.  And once you do we’re going to leave.  When we get home I’m going to lick every drop of cum from your clit and then use your slutty cunt for my pleasure.  I’m going to fuck you until I cum all over your greedy little mouth.  But this will be the only orgasm you get.  So you’d better make it count.”

                    His hand rested on her exposed ankle and the Sunday sunlight streamed in through the panes of glass fronting the busy street. They had rolled out of bed and walked the several blocks to the cafe for the sake of food.  A long night full of rabid love-making had left both their stomachs’ growling and, despite their protests, their bodies’ hunger trumped their sexual appetite.  At least for the moment. 

                    “I bet I can make you cum right now.  Right here.  In front of everyone.”

                    “Now, toy.  Cum.  Now.  I want to feel your toes curl.”

                    She wasn’t admitting it aloud, though it was as if he was reading her mind.  Her cunt ached to be filled by him.  He had an impressive girth that filled her so full she couldn’t breath.  She felt empty without him clenched between her legs.  Without him cuddled inside her.

                    “That’s better, pet.  Lean forward.  Press your clit into your panties.”


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