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little gray wolf working on a black bull

Saturday, January 20th, 2018

little gray wolf working on a black bull

Find local non-pro girls here!

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    johnnycastlefan: Your 2012 @avnawards Unsung Male Performer of…

    Saturday, December 1st, 2012

    Well, we girls never have just HOT GUY posters to look at, and NO JUSTIN BIEBER & THAT WOLF KID FROM TWILIGHT OR ANYONE FROM TWILIGHT WILL NEVER COUNT! I have occasionally seen a David Beckham in there, so that’s cool, but OMG how GREAT would Johnny look on one of those posters??

    BTW, I’m probably going to be addressing him as the 2012 AVN Unsung Male Performer of the Year for, like, at least a week, so fair warning. I’m just … over the moon about this <3 I even edited it into the blog description :D

    Y’know how if you go into a Spencer’s Gifts and you go to the poster rack in the back, hidden among the blacklight & sex stuff, amongst the posters you’ll find TONS of practically naked girls or just hot girls?

    I know that would be a best seller for sure 😉 I mean, besides the entire SICK’NING torso, he’s got the intense “I’m coming to get you” expression and ACCESSORIES ON THE WRISTS which I find super hot. And do you WANNA get me started on his Happy Trail? I’ve always LOVED that Johnny has “manhair” in the appropriate amount, in the appropriate places. That is … so yummy. There’s no WAY that a poster of this photo wouldn’t sell out ASAP, am I right?

    Your 2012 @avnawards Unsung Male Performer of the Year, @thejohnnycastle

    MAJOR thanks to Andre DeLoach of Empyrean Photography for personally sending me & giving me permission to share this AMAZING photo he took of Johnny here on the blog 🙂 And there are a few other ah-maz-ing photos Mr. DeLoach sent me and gave me permission to share as well you’ll see here in the future! This one just happens to be my favorite because I think it’d make a FANTASTIC poster.



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      ZZzzzZzzzZZzz The wolf pack by Jason Hahn via Cutest Paw :)

      Wednesday, November 21st, 2012


      The wolf pack by Jason Hahn via Cutest Paw 🙂

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        hello old wolf friend Wolf Hug by ~CoupeKid…

        Saturday, November 3rd, 2012

        Wolf Hug by ~CoupeKid 🙂magicalnaturetour:

        hello old wolf friend

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          alysha: dethrone-the-king: Alysha Nett from a video by…

          Monday, October 29th, 2012

          hot live 1-2-1 uk phone chat

          from a video by Wolf


          Alysha Nett


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