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Why haven’t you answered my ask? It’s cause you’re clearly lying about the majority of the shit you post. Nobody’s making those submissions and bitches aren’t fucking your lame ass. You’re just using pictures that are readily available on the net and your clueless followers are too fucking dumb and thirsty to see through your bullshit. FOH

Friday, December 7th, 2018

I know a lot of people jack my photos, you don’t see me crying about it.  You just mad that #TEAMPLUMBER is 200% official and the niggas in my circle know it. 

#CERTIFIEDPLUMBER followers are 2000% legit.  Not clueless, you just mad cause we get it in HEAVY!!!!!!  lol #certifiedplumber

The haters are on the rise.  Mad because I get women to do a lot of firsts here on PolaroidPlumber.  Submission box full, and overall POPPIN!  Why you mad? You saw your girl on here didn’t you? 


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