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cfnm: See Rebecca?  I told you…

Saturday, May 4th, 2019


“See Rebecca?  I told you he’d cum if you kept jerking that way!”


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    I gotta feeling that tonight’s gonna be a good night That…

    Monday, December 3rd, 2018

    I don’t know how to begin. Who would believe me? I mean,
    I certainly wouldn’t have believed this story a few
    months ago. No one who knows me would believe it.

    My story begins about six months ago. That’s when
    BillyWayne and I moved here to Fresno from Walker
    Landing, Georgia. BillyWayne is my husband. We both grew
    up there, instilled with good Christian values. My name’s
    Rebecca. I’m 23 and BillyWayne is 24. We’ve been married
    six years and have a five-year-old girl and a four-year-
    old boy. The way I was raised, sex was never discussed; a
    girl waited until she was married and then did it under
    the covers.


    I started going out with BillyWayne when I was 14 and
    didn’t kiss him until I was 15. When we got married
    shortly after my seventeenth birthday I was still very
    much a virgin, mentally as well as physically. Despite
    his bragging, I don’t think BillyWayne had any more
    experience than I did. But he sure had, and still has,
    some pretty strong ideas about what is proper sex and
    what is not. I think you get the idea.

    Then six months ago, Billy Wayne’s company moved him to
    Fresno. He came ahead and found us a house in an older
    tract, found a church for us and moved me and the kids
    here. The first couple of months I was really lonely but
    then one of the ladies at the church kind of adopted me.
    Her name is Trudy and her husband is Stan and they are
    the best thing that ever happened to me. At first I sort
    of thought of them as my mom and dad because they are
    around 50 I think. But now they are my best friends.

    Before I get to far, maybe I better tell you what I look
    like and Stan and Trudy look like. I’m really tiny. I’m 4
    feet 11 inches tall and weigh 98 pounds. I’ve got light
    brown hair that is shoulder length, my eyes are hazel. My
    bra size is 30A, which is kind of a joke because my
    little titties really don’t need a bra. No one ever says
    that I’m beautiful or gorgeous; they always say I’m cute.
    I used to hate that, looking like a fourteen year old but
    now I like it. Trudy is about 5 foot 4 I think, she has
    dark black hair cut short.

    She says she’s fat but she really isn’t. She does have
    really large breasts with these huge round dark nipples.
    My nipples are just pink and pointy. She also has kind of
    a round tummy and round butt. Stan is not too tall
    either; I guess about 5 foot 6 or so. He is bald on the
    top and has brown hair around the sides so he looks kind
    of older than he is. But his face is really nice and he
    always is smiling and has a look that makes you want to
    smile too. He is pretty thin but has a tummy on him too.

    Anyway, let me tell you what happened two months ago, it
    was July and it was hot. It was Friday night and Trudy
    invited me to come to her house and help the ladies make
    food for a church picnic on Saturday. Well it turned out
    to be kind of a party too.

    There were six other ladies there and Trudy made these
    really good drinks and as we worked, everyone sipped
    drinks and talked and laughed. By the time we had
    finished preparing the food around 10 p.m., everybody was
    a little tipsy. I didn’t do too much talking because I’m
    shy and also I was sort of embarrassed at the way the
    ladies talked. I mean I never heard ladies talk about sex
    the way they talked.

    When everyone was leaving, Trudy says, “Rebecca, will you
    stay and help me clean-up.”

    “Sure,” I said.

    She hugged me. “You were very quiet tonight. Did you have
    fun? You seemed to like my choice of refreshments.”

    “Oh, yes. I like them a lot. BillyWayne don’t approve of
    ladies drinking so I only did it one time before. I guess
    I didn’t know what to say because I never heard so much
    talk about sex before.”

    Trudy laughed. “Honey, don’t worry. They talk about it
    more because they’ve all been married so long that they
    don’t do it the way you young kids do. I bet that
    BillyWayne is on you all night every time he comes back
    from these business trips of his.”

    I didn’t say anything. I guess my face said something
    though, because Trudy hugged me again and held me. “Oh
    baby, I think I may have said something wrong. Let me
    fill your glass and maybe we should talk.”

    “No, you didn’t say anything wrong. We just don’t do it
    very much at all. I mean… well… it’s just that we
    don’t want to have no more kids. I mean BillyWayne says
    we can’t afford to have no more. And… well… you,
    know… you just do it to make babies and to please your

    Trudy was holding me close, I was sipping the newly
    filled glass and feeling really light headed. If I hadn’t
    had those drinks I would have never let the conversation
    go on, but I did.

    “Rebecca, are you telling me that you don’t enjoy it when
    you do it – or maybe I should say when you did it. Honey,
    trust me, there is nothing wrong with enjoying it.”

    “I kind of do Trudy. I mean it always seems like I’m just
    starting to enjoy it and then it’s over. I mean I always
    think that there’s something more going to happen and it
    doesn’t. Please don’t ever tell anybody what we’re
    talking about. I found out I enjoy it more when I just
    rub myself down there, but I know it’s wrong.”

    “Honey! It’s definitely not wrong. Sex is meant to be
    enjoyed. And sweetie, just between us, why don’t we not
    say `down there’. Honey that’s your pussy. And let me
    tell you, every one of those women tonight have a
    vibrator or a dildo that they love to use on their

    I felt a tingle when she said `pussy’. She must have
    noticed. Her arm was still around me; I could feel her
    large breast, warm against my arm.

    She whispered in my ear, “Say it for me honey… say


    “Good. That calls for a drink.” she laughed.

    I laughed too and said, “pussy”. Then, “Trudy, can I ask
    you something else?”

    “Anything baby.”

    “You know when Margaret had that carrot and said it
    looked like her husbands thing but it was hard and he
    wasn’t?” Do you think that it can really be that long?”

    “Honey, of course. Hell, that carrot was only about 5 or
    6 inches long. Stan’s is bigger than that. Damn, I always
    thought that tall drink of water you’re married to must
    have at least a foot hanging there.” Trudy was giggling
    and also a bit tipsy. “AND, what is this talk about
    `things’? I thought we decided it’s OK to use some of
    those `fun’ words.” she laughed. “It’s a `cock’! And just
    how big is old BillyWayne’s?

    I held up my fingers. “About this long.”

    “My God! That’s only about 4 inches. And that’s the ONLY
    one you’ve ever seen?” Trudy was shaking her head.

    “Uh huh.” I was kind of embarrassed again. “Maybe I
    better go home, it’s almost midnight.” I didn’t really
    want to go, but I just didn’t know what else to say.

    “Rebecca honey, I don’t think you should be driving
    tonight. You’ve had a bit to drink and I sure won’t let
    you take your kids out in that car. Why don’t we finish
    this batch of `Kool-Aid’ and you can go sleep in the
    guest room with the kids?”

    I just nodded.

    “You drink up while I go get my jammies on and grab one
    of Stan’s t-shirts for you to use as jammies.”

    When she came back, she was wearing transparent baby-doll
    pj’s and I guess I stared because she stopped and
    pretended to model for me. “Never seen a fat old lady in
    baby-dolls, huh? What do you think? Anyway, it’s way to
    hot to wear flannel.”

    I could clearly see her large breasts. They hung down
    like pendulums, large round pendulums. And she had big
    brown nipples that were clearly visible. She wasn’t
    really fat I thought, but her tummy was round. Then I saw
    the black triangle that must have been her hair… err,
    pussy hair. But it only was above where her pussy was. It
    was like an arrow pointing at her pussy. I guessed at the
    time that I must be drunk, because I didn’t feel at all
    ashamed of looking at Trudy’s tits and pussy and thinking
    the words `tits and pussy’ and then saying, “Trudy, how
    come you only got that little bit a hair down…ah…on
    your pussy?”

    “Oh, I like to shave it sweetie,” she said as she pulled
    the crotch of her panties aside. She seemed to enjoy
    showing me her pussy, seemed to watch to see what my
    reaction would be.

    I just stared at the curly black triangle of hair
    pointing to the puffy fold of skin that formed the lips
    of her pussy. And as I stared Trudy used two fingers to
    spread the lips apart, revealing the wet pink interior of
    her pussy. Then she calmly pulled her panties back in
    place. She giggled. “That was kind of funny about the
    carrot. Do you think you can keep a secret?”

    “Yes. what?”

    “How would you like to see a real seven inch cock?”

    I tingled again. “Trudy, you don’t have those dirty
    pictures do you?”

    “No, honey. A real one. Stan’s sound asleep and I was
    thinking we could sneak in and pull the sheet off and let
    you see one. I mean I know he’s just a middle aged short
    guy with a pot belly, but honey, he does have a fine

    I drained my glass. “Trudy, you shouldn’t talk like that
    about him. I mean, I think he’s really nice and kind of
    cute and not real old and… but… I can’t…”

    She cut me off. “Sure you can. C’mon.” She pulled me into
    the bedroom. Stan was lying on his back. It was hot and
    he had only a sheet over him. The sheet sort of clung to
    him and I could see the outline of his body, even the
    outline of his cock. My heart was pounding. I had never
    ever done anything like this but I was dying to see it…
    his cock!

    Trudy pushed me closer and slowly pulled the sheet back.
    I was watching the lump under the sheet and gasped as his
    cock was uncovered. Stan’s cock was lying across his
    thigh. I studied it, looked at his balls. His balls were
    small but his cock looked so huge to me. “What do you
    think honey?”

    “Shhh, Trudy. He’ll wake up.”

    “Nah, he sleeps like a rock.”

    “His looks different than BillyWayne’s. BillyWayne’s cock
    looks like a little helmet on the end. Stan’s just sort
    of has skin there. Does that mean he didn’t get

    “That’s right honey. We call it unclipped. I like them
    better that way.”

    “Gosh, it looks so… so… big. Sort of heavy.”

    Trudy was behind me. She was leaning into me. She was
    whispering in my ear. “It is kind of heavy. And when you
    pull the skin back you can see the little helmet. It’s
    fun doing that, pulling the skin back and forth. Go
    ahead, you can touch it, he won’t wake up.”

    She took my hand and placed it on Stan’s cock. I couldn’t
    believe how much I was enjoying this. I wrapped my
    fingers around his cock. It felt so warm, so firm. I
    could feel the thickness of it. I liked it.

    “Stroke it honey,” she whispered in my ear.

    I did. I watched the head of his cock emerge as I pulled
    the shaft towards the balls. I got wet as I felt his cock
    get hard. I ran my finger along the vein on the side. His
    cock became rock hard in my hand, and I liked it! I just
    stroked the cock back and forth as Trudy encouraged me. I
    felt her big tits against my back.

    “Look closer honey.”

    I bent down, admiring and examining this cock, thinking
    how nice it looked, how much I wanted it. Precum began to
    ooze from the hole in the end. I squeezed the head and
    made the hole open. My nipples were hard. The T-shirt I
    was wearing, rubbed across my nipples as I moved.

    “Look at that lovely drop of pre-cum sweetie. God he gets
    wet when his cock is played with. Taste it honey. Put
    your tongue down there and lick that sweet drop.” Trudy
    was gently pushing my head down on Stan’s cock.

    I didn’t resist. All I needed was a little urging. I was
    now stroking his cock gently and let my tongue lick all
    around the head. I liked it. I liked the taste. I liked
    the wickedness of it. I was being very bad and I liked it
    a lot.

    Trudy didn’t have to push my head any more. I felt her
    hands begin to feel my little tits as I sucked his cock
    into my mouth. It felt so big compared to BillyWayne’s. I
    liked the fact that it was bigger. I felt a hand rubbing
    my thigh. I realized that Trudy was still pinching my
    nipples. I lifted my eyes and saw Stan smiling.

    I trembled as I felt his hand rub my pussy through my
    cotton panties. I sucked harder and spread my legs. I was
    aware of his fingers pulling my panties aside, and oh how
    I wanted his finger inside. I heard Trudy talking to him.

    “Fuck her face baby. She’s never had a nice big cock like
    that before. I bet her pussy’s just as tight as a little
    teenage virgin. Feel it daddy, finger her little pussy.”

    And I was tight. I knew that I looked like a teenager. I
    had never had anything bigger than BillyWayne or my own
    finger in my pussy and now I wanted more. Trudy stopped
    playing with my tits and pulled my panties off. Her
    finger joined Stan’s in playing with my pussy.

    Trudy breathed into my ear, “Sit up on him honey. Get up
    and sit on that hard cock. Take it in slow honey. I’ll
    put lots of K-Y on his cock so it slides in easy. Oh god
    baby, you’ll love it. Tell him you want to fuck. Tell
    him! Talk dirty honey, it makes it better.”

    She was right. I loved this sudden freedom to say `fuck’

    “Oh shit yes, I want to fuck! Fuck, fuck, fuck. Cock,
    cock, cock.” I was on top of Stan, watching as Trudy
    greased his big cock and then felt her greasy finger lube
    up my little pussy. I couldn’t believe that a woman had
    her finger in my pussy, couldn’t believe that I liked it,
    wanted it. I grabbed Stan’s hard, thick cock and rubbed
    it against my slit, rubbed it up and down my slit and
    watched it. I liked seeing his cock rubbing against my
    pussy. Then he put his thumb against the shaft as I held
    it, pushed it towards my hole…my fuck hole! I wanted it
    and didn’t have any care that it might be too big, might
    hurt the way my cunt hurt the first time BillyWayne
    fucked me. I didn’t care because I was so damned horny,
    so damned excited.

    I looked down and saw the lovely purple-red head, the
    foreskin pulled completely back. Felt and watched as the
    head spread my pussy lips apart. I throbbed as his cock
    slipped slowly into my wet, warm cunt. His hands were on
    my ass. He was holding me up; he stopped me from dropping
    down further once the head of his cock was in. He moved
    just a little bit. I could feel the flange of his cock
    head rubbing on the entrance to my pussy.

    Then he relaxed a bit and I slid down, slowly still,
    enjoying the feeling of a cock pushing my pussy walls
    aside. Then, it was in. All the way in. I sat on his cock
    and rocked back and forth. Stan moved his hands to my
    tits. My little tits that I always thought were too
    small. But he was `ooohing and ahhing’ over them. He
    gripped my nipples between his thumb and fore finger,
    rolled my small nipples in his fingers, squeezed them
    hard. And I liked it!

    Trudy began rubbing my clit and urged me on. “Tell him
    what you want honey. Tell daddy you like his big cock.
    Tell daddy you want to fuck him really hard.”

    “Yes, yes! Fuck me. Fuck me hard. Pull my tits daddy. Do
    it really hard daddy. I like it when they hurt like that.
    Oh shit I love your cock. I love fucking.” Now I was
    bouncing up and down violently on Stan’s cock. I wanted
    him deeper in me. I wanted him to squeeze my tits so hard
    that it hurt.

    “Do it daddy. Fuck our little teenager. Spread her little
    pussy with that big daddy cock of yours.” Trudy’s talk
    just made me hornier. I wanted to be fucked but I wanted
    to do more. I wanted to be nasty, to do all the bad
    things I wasn’t supposed to do. Trudy’s hand was now on
    Stan’s cock, I could feel her fingers wrapped around the
    base of his cock as I bounced up and down on it.

    “He’s close baby, he’s going to cum honey. Let him cum in
    your mouth sweetie. I want to watch his hard cock cum in
    little Rebecca’s mouth.”

    The two of them pulled me off his cock and pushed me
    between his legs. I thought it was the nastiest thing I
    ever had done, sucking on a cock that was all wet with my
    pussy juice. And I liked it. I took it eagerly. I could
    taste my cunt as I took his cock in my mouth. I was on my
    hands and knees, my ass up in the air, my sopping wet
    pussy dripping down my legs.

    And as I sucked and licked and stroked that wonderful
    cock, I felt fingers and a tongue in my pussy. Trudy was
    behind me; I spread my legs as much as I could. She was
    plunging her finger in and out of my cunt and licking my
    clit. Her finger felt huge. Then I realized it wasn’t
    just one finger, I felt several, spreading my cunt wide,
    stretching me. And I was so close to cumming.

    Stan was panting. “Take it now baby. Suck it in. In your
    mouth honey, stroke it, lick it. I’m going to cum. Do it,
    eat it, I want to cum in your mouth!”

    And I did. I opened my mouth and jacked off that big cock
    and felt the shaft stiffen even more as he came, felt the
    warm, slippery cum shoot into my mouth. And I came. Trudy
    worked my pussy and clit like crazy and I came like I had
    never cum before. I collapsed on top of Stan.

    Trudy rubbed my back and whispered in my ear. “I can
    tell, honey. You like big cocks, don’t you.” And she

    “No… yes… oh shit yes I loved it. I’m going to hell,
    I know I am now. I’m sorry. It’s not your fault. I wanted
    it. I shouldn’t have done that. But I liked it. What am I
    going to do?”

    “Shh baby. I told you. Sex is meant to be enjoyed. You
    didn’t do anything wrong. It was just something that
    happened and it’s only this one time. It’s not like you
    went off and did something with some strangers or
    anything. And you really did need to at least see what a
    bigger cock is like.” and she laughed.

    “I guess your right. I just feel kind of bad cause I just
    liked it so much. I never felt that way. I guess maybe I
    never knew that a man’s cock can be so big and that it
    feels so much better when it’s big.”

    “Yes honey, I agree. I do like guys with big cocks.”

    “You mean you done it with other guys beside Stan?”

    “Of course sweetie. And with bigger cocks than Stan, but
    Stan’s still my favorite.”

    “Bigger than that?”

    “Oh, you bet. In fact I know a man that is about half
    again as big as Stan. Oh, sweetie, I wish you could see
    that one, it’s a monster.”

    “Oh god, me too!” I blurted out without thinking. “But I
    can’t, I mean this is just this time and I can’t do it
    again. I mean I liked it and…”

    “Shhh, honey. Don’t worry about it. I know what you mean.
    You’re not that kind of girl but we all have certain
    needs that have to be satisfied at least once in our
    lifetime. And I don’t want this to ruin our friendship.”
    As Trudy said this she gently put my hand on Stan’s cock.



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